How was everyones Memorial weekend?

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by kycatman01, May 25, 2009.

  1. kycatman01

    kycatman01 New Member

    My weekend went pretty good! My family and I went out to eat today and had a nice time. I was planning on going fishing but the rain set in. I can't complain, though! We were together and there is always tomorrow to fish. How was yours???
  2. jerseycat9

    jerseycat9 New Member

    Oakwood Georgia
    It was so so. I spent the weekend here catching up and posting. Everyone went to NC for the weekend so its just been me lonesome self. The boat traffic has been way to heavy for me behind the house. Im patiently waiting for the pleasure boaters to pack up and leave and try to go out with a bang on some topwater bass tonight.

  3. bownero

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    Hastings, Ne.
    With it being rainy and somewhat windy, I was still able to help my visiting cousin to land his 1st. catfish. We had good success on the water and my cousin boated a nice 7# catfish and a couple smaller ones. Check out 1st Time Catfishing in the members fishing reports area. GOOD TIMES!!:big_smile:
  4. littleman

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    My weekend was spent in the fields planting corn. What a relief it was, I have been a nervous wreck for awhile now. My dad retired and turned his farm over to me and my brother. Our first year on our own has started out very badly. Its been a very wet spring and no farmer within 20 miles has had the chance to plant yet. This was about the last week we had to plant corn. We ran as hard as we could, and was able to plant most of the fields we wanted to in corn. The rest of the fields we will plant in beans.
  5. SSgt Fishslayer

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    south carolina
    my weekend was ok. got up and came to work. this was after sleeping in a tent that is about 110 degrees during the day (am on nights). cant complain though, this is what i get paid for. just another day here in afghanistan