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Discussion in 'Carp Fishing' started by Wallbass, May 17, 2008.

  1. Wallbass

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    Im new at carp but not to say I never cought one. How do I make Boilies and hair rigs I think thats what they? The ones that hang off the hook. Jeff :confused2:
  2. mcwrestler

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    If you are new to it I wouldn't worry about making your own boilies yet. Stick with the basics (Bread and Corn), then if you want to test boilies maybe try a major boilie maker (I don't make my own, I have tried without success. You can PM me for who I get mine and my flavors from, they have been very effective). Creating good boilies can be a huge headache, but rewarding if you get them right.

    I will PM you a link on how to do the hair rig. I am not sure that I can post links on the open forum.

    IMO learning the hair rig will do wonders for you. Learn it then combine it with bread (See the how to hair rig bread thread) then go catch you a carp.