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    How do you go about writing an article on a certain type of catfishing and get it published in a fishing magazine? Here in texas I see several catfish articles that a guide will write and a magazine will publish it in there monthly magazine. I would like to write an article our two and I have several pictures also that could be put with the article. Thanks for any help.
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    That would make ya a "Freelance Writer"..

    Google: or what ever ur fav is : "Outdoors Freelance Writing ".

    You will be overwelmed with Info. Good reading and a perspective with shock value. Its tough.

    Good Luck and keep writing every day..

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    heck you can post it here. there is or was a section on the boc for just that sort of thing.
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    Start writing and start mailing. if they think you have talent they will get in touch with you...W
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    Make sure you are ready for bad feedback, or no feedback too. Some people get too attached to pictures and articles and can't believe it when someone doesn't love it and want to use it. I have done some freelance photography work for a local once a week paper, it definitely won't make me rich. lol My luck was being at an event when someone from the paper went to it. They asked if I would show them some of my stuff from that event and possibly publish it.
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    first thing to do is get to "know" the magazine by that identify their tone and style

    next identify the correct editor for your idea then send him a query letter and depending on your idea, timing, and the magazine's needs you can expect a reply as soon as 2 weeks or as long as 3 months. now if its seasonal you could be too late for an upcoming issue for example: early fall catfishing. depending on the magazine's lead time they may be looking for articles for next spring right now so under the early fall premise you may not get a response until next spring. hope this helps you out.
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    Hi bhunt,

    I'd just like to add the following to all the good suggestions you have received:

    Select the magazines you are interested in writing for, then check inside the magazine for the proper office address, and send them a letter asking for their Writer's Guidelines. Including a self addressed stamped envelope isn't a bad idea!

    The Writer' Guidelines will tell you what type of articles the magazine is interested in receiving. Some will also tell you the number of words that the different types of article should contain. For example, a humorous article might need to contain 800 to 1,000 words, while a how-to-do article might need to be 1,200 to 1,600 words.

    The guidelines will also tell you what format photographs must be in to be acceptable. Some magazines will accept only 35 mm color slides, while others will now accept electronic submissions, i.e., digital photos, if they are very high resolutions, 1,600 X 1,200 or higher. Now you don't have to have a $1,000 digital camera…. I have only a Nikon Coolpix 2100 simple point and shoot camera, and magazines have accepted dozens of my photos. Just set the resolution as high as it will go!

    Some magazines will now accept article and photos submissions by emails. However, a lot still require the submissions to be in the form of hard copies, mailed to their offices. If you want the submissions returned you would need to enclose a self addressed stamped envelope large enough to hold the documents.

    If an editor responds to your submission in two weeks you will be blessed for sure! However, I have had an editor respond the following day and accept my offering. The larger the magazine the longer the wait time has been my experience.

    Most magazines pay for accepted articles when the article is published. With most having at least a 90 day publishing lead time, plus the fact that while the editor likes your article it may be two or three months before it finds it way into the publishing cycle. So even after your article is accepted it may be six or more months before it is published and you receive any check.

    A freelance writer must grind out article after article each week in the hopes of making a living at writing! Writers are paid by the word count and photo or diagram counts. The last article I wrote was about Small Boat Cooking Stoves. The word count was 2,740 and the article had 8 photos. I was paid $122.20…. which amounted to about 25-cents an hour for my labor!! That is why writing is only a hobby with me!

    It may also be an enjoyable hobby for you. So I would advise you to go for it! What have you got to lose?

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    I have one name for you Luke Clayton. Editor of Catfish Gold Magazine. He might be able to steer you in the right direction.