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First you need to see how many hooks you can use and how far apart they need to be. He in MO we can have 33 hooks and they need to be 2 foot apart. Once determined get you a good twine, usually can find at Wally World I think it is 200lb test. They even have a package with drop lines that attach to the main line by clips. I start by getting 10lb of dumb bell weights and tying a section of 12 foot main line if my depth of fishing is 12 foot. Next you tie a float to that, usually a 2 liter soda bottle or milk jug as a good float to the top of the 12 foot line. Next I tie the main trotline about 4 foot off the bottom of that and throw overboard and let out line. Once settled I add the clips with hooks baited with gills, shad, stinkbait, you name it. When you get close to the end do the same with the weights and float and tie off either at the same 4 foot depth or vary the height by raising a few feet, that way you are fishing diffrent depths with bait throughout the line. Let that go and laet it set. Make sure you have all the proper id markings your state requires on the jugs. This type of fishing is stationary and you can leave it and check back later. Here it is every 24 hours, but I check mine every 2 hours. This is the short version and works for me.

Here is a good write up as well. Click on "How to" below for the webpage.

How To: Trot Line
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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