How To set up a trotline using clips

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    I have seen several post talking about trotline clips, whether or not they are useful, how strong are they, how do you attach them to you main line, & how do you keep them from sliding?

    Alright, I am going to start by telling you how I set up my trotlines,a dn thta will explain my clip setup.

    First my main line I like to use is #48 black tarred braided line. Of course your lien size will depend on the size of fish you are going after, I like to error in my favor, so always use a little bigger line than you think you will need.

    When making the main line I make droppers off of the main line simply by tying loops in the main line. I usually tie mine about every 5.5'. Its on these droppers that I attach big 3/0 barrel swivels. To attache the swivel to the dropper first thread the dropper through one end of the swivel. (I will attach some photos in case you cant understand what I am saying.) After You have threaded the dropper through one end of the swivel open up the loop of the dropper and put the other end of the swivel thorugh the open loop in the dropper, then pull the swivel down to the end of the dropper, by doing this (assuming you have doen it right, it is impossible for the swivel to come off of the dropper) In other words you will atttach the big barel swivel by threading the dropper through one eye of the swivel and back around the swivel.

    My Stage is made simply by tying the hook to one end of the 150lb black tarred twisted line, and then tying a loop in the other end of the stage, this is wher you attach the clip, which is attached to the stage the same way the swivel was attached to the dropper.

    The clips once opend up attach easily to the large barrel swivel on the droppers. For all you critics of clips, like I have said in my other post, the hook will straighten out well before the clip breaks or the line fails, I have personally straightend out several 9/0 and 10/0 hooks thta were stuck in sucken tress and object, and the line and the clips remained intack and still in use to this day.

    Here is why I use swivels, For one it keeps your trot from getting all twisted
    up by a big cat, and I have been told the swivels also keep a cat from really pulling all it can becasue when it makes a run on your trot, the swivel forces it to start spinning, dont knwo how true that is, but it makes sense.

    I use clips becasue they making taking my stages on and off of my main line simple, and you dont have to worry about cutting your stages up when you have a fish on.

    I hope this helps, If you have any questions dont be afraid to ask.
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    I don't care for the clips. I thread the barrel swivels on the #72 main line and tie a knot on both sides to keep it in place. The #18 drops I make are just loops. Thread it through the swivel and through itself and pull tight. Same thing with the hook. Put the loop through the eye then put the hook through the loop and pull tight.