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  1. shingman6

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    What are some of your ways of rigging your rod and reel for cat fishing?
  2. redneckchev

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    there are different ways for different conditions.i mainly fish the tn river and i use a slip rig with a no roll sinker ranging from 3oz-8oz depending on the current and size of bait i'm using.

  3. alands94

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    I use 3 basic rigs. The first is a simple carolina rig with a bell or no roll sinker, #7 swivel and a 1-3' leader. Option 2 is a 3 way rig with the same type of sinker and swivel. My third rig is a slip float rig. I really like the KatBobbers due to their size, buoyancy, bright color and durability. They can also be fished at night with a lite stick.
  4. Bacardipr05

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    Mostly egg singer (slip rig) occasionally I will use a three way swivel.
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    There are times when Cats feed on the surface along banks and under brush.Often in very shallow water when the water is rising very fast.They are eating the worms,bugs and such that drown in the rapidly rising water.Limb lines set at or just below the surface are sometimes the best of all.I have caught a occasional cat on a bare shiny hook on moon lit nights at the surface.Makes me wonder if they sometimes cruise just under the surface feeding by sight.Also in the bushes downstream of bridges when the nestling Swallows are leaving the nest.This will attract them for 7-10 days as they feed on the little birds that drown and their bodies collect in and along the brush.A Bobber and a baited hook 3 in.below your bobber is all you need at these times.Sandbars with a clam or baby soft shell turtle population is often good fishing in as little as 3 in.of water as this is where the newly hatched little turtles and clams will be dug into the sand.I have seen Barn Owls catch shallow feeding Bream and Catfish of surprising size when the fish were exposing their backs while feeding in shallow water on a full moon.I love you Brothers and Sisters,peewee