How to refinish a recurve bow

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by dannybcc, Dec 17, 2006.

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    I am fairly new to archery. A freind taught me to shoot a compound 2 years ago and now I am addicted at 54 years old. Never shot a bow before this time in my life. A couple weeks ago I entered the world of recurves (flatheadwillie got my curiosity up) and have fallen in love with that. Even though you will need a yardstick to measure my arrow groups. I hope to improve.
    What I am wondering is if anyone would share some information on refinishing recurve bows. I just purchased a 1965 Bear Kodiak Magnum (45 lb) that is a beauty. I power buffed it, tuned it, added a couple silencers, a tip end protector and now it really shows off. Some day I would like to find its brother a 1965 Bear Kodiak (60", 45-50 lb.) so I have a matching set.
    But back to my original question. If anyone would have some information on how to preserve these works of art it would certainly be appreciated.
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    Welcome to the world of the stick bow! I assume you have a glass laminated bow. The limbs shouldn't need refinishing but the handle risers will need protection. If the finish is in bad shape, a clear lacquer can be applied after the old finish is removed. If it is not in real bad shape, then a good quality wood floor wax, along with hand buffing, will bring back the shine and keep it waterproof.