How to protect you gunwale....

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  1. Keeyaawww, I go through da lock and dam alot and I had dis nice idea (I havent tried it yet though) to put foam pipe protectors ,the kind that looks like swimming noodles,or catfishing noodles like some of us use dem for, but dese have a cut up da middle to help wrap dem around da gunwale, you can use a type of marine glie(dis is why I havent used it yet, I wanna try a type of tape that can be removed if I ever sell my boat) but all you have to do is open the foan up at the split and slip it on the gunwale. It come in about 6 foot sections dis is da kewl part, if you ever damage it, a small peice can be taken off and replaced a section at a time. It can also be used as a boat bumper when aproaching docks and if you happen to walk on it it will collapse so not to trip you. Dats da theory anyhow....Hope dis helps and if you come up with a nice tape brand Please let me know. Tanks to dey say in french, merci beaucoup.
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    Black plastic well pipe will hold up for years and also not hang anything just split it and slide it on.
    Or the red water soft hose will also work.last for ever and don't have to change it out.

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    2 liter soda bottles can work too... just duck tape them up a little to give them some sturdyness...

    you can increase the pressure in the bottles by either spraying some canned air (bottle upside down so you get some liquid in the bottle) and then closing it fast and tightly...

    Or you can take the bottles and put them in the freezer (closed) then an hr later after they crinkle, pull them out, open them till they uncrinkle, close them fast again and then put them back in the freezer again... do this a couple of times and they will be slightly more pressurized
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    another vote for black plastic pipe tough and removable without any mess. Also keeps hooks and such from hanging on the lip. just slips right over.