How to operate a stringer.

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    The other day, I went fishing with a friend. I threw out a couple of catfish poles, and then we were also fishing for crappie. He caught his first keeper after only a few seconds, so I tossed him the stringer. He fumbled around with it for a while, and finally he asked me how to put a fish on it. I showed him how to poke it through the bottom lip, and went back to fishing. A few minutes later, he caught another. When I went to get the stringer, I pulled it in, and the fish was gone. He hadn't looped it back through, and the fish fell off. Of coarse, being the sensitive type, (not) I started laughing at him. He said "Sorry, I don't know how to opperate a stringer!" That made me laugh even more. 'Opperate a stringer.' Like it's some sort of mechanical device. lol. He's a catch and release bass fisher. (Yes, I have been known to rub shoulders with bass fishermen.) I never even gave it a thought that he would not already know how to opperate a stringer. He's 30 years old, and fishes all the time. Just wanted to share that little story because I laughed about it all day long. I do stupid things too sometimes.
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    Thats a funny story Matt thanks for sharing!!


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    LOL! That's a hoot!

    But how many have thought to sharpen their "safety pin" stingers?

    Don't know why, but I had never thought of it till a few years back.
    Years of fighting to get those blunt SOBs through fish jaws and it had just never occurred to me. DUH!

    If I had a brain I would be dangerous!

    BTW Just in case you don't know, Never put a large fish on that kind of stringer. (don't ask how I know)
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    That is a funny story. Oops!
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    I once did a no brainer once involving a stringer. I was fishing from shore at greenlane reservoir for crappie. and I had about 15 or so crappie on one of them string stringers that you push the spike into the ground to hold it. well, its all loose gravel in this area and they went swimming away with my yellow stringer trailing behind the group. thats when I switched the metal one with the loops like your friend couldnt figure out.