How to Make Trotline/Throwline Weights

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    This will show you how to make weights for Trotlines, Limblines, Throwlines or anything else you need them for.

    First you need the following
    -1 Bag of Concrete/Quickrete
    -Plastic Pepsi or Coke bottles. 1 for every weight you plan on making.
    -1 roll of bailing wire or any other wire. I used 14 gauge bailing wire.
    -1 pair of pliers
    -1 pair of wire cutters
    -1 utility knife



    After you have all your materials, take the plastic bottles and cut the tops off with the Utility Knife as pictured.


    Next, take the wire and cut off a 2 foot section for each bottle you have. Make a hoop with the wire and bunch up the remaining wire as pictured.


    Then take your concrete mix (enough to fill each bottle) and mix with water into any container you like. I used a 5 gallon bucket for mine.

    Then put the concrete into the plastic bottles with about 1-2'' of plastic above the top of the concrete and stick the wire eyes into the concrete right after pouring, as close to centered as possible.


    Last, after the concrete has dried somewhere were it wont be disturbed or moved, take a small torch and go over the plastic you left on the bottle. The plastic will curl over the edges so you have a nice smooth wieght that wont scratch anything if rubs against (boat, truck, ect.).

    Note* This is optional, but i took some basic spray paint and sprayed the wire that was exposed after the concrete dried to prevent rusting. Im not positive if this helped but it definately doesnt hurt. Enjoy your finished trotline weights and goodluck running setlines, its tons of fun.

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