How To Make A Hair Rig for Catfishing

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    Original post made by Lori Profitt(Catch_Release) on April 10, 2003

    How to make a Hair Rig and baiting.

    A Hair Rig is a rig that suspends the bait above the hook, rather than threaded directly on it. This allows the fish to mouth the bait without filling the hook. As the fish moves the bait towards its throat to crush it, the loose hook makes its way into the mouth. This is an adaptation of the hair rig used for carp to catfishing.

    What is needed:
    Gamakatsu Octopus circle hooks, size #1 or #2
    Your favorite fishing line
    Swivel suited to the line you choose
    Dough bait of your choice, My favorite is down below.
    Large sewing needle with a large eye.

    You can tie your own hair rigs quite easily with a length of 25 - 30 lb. test Spiderwire (which has the same diameter as 6 - 8 lb. test monofilament), some swivels and super-sharp size #1 or 2# like the "octopus" style from premium hook-makers like Gamakatsu, Mustad or Owner, to name a few. I like to use Spiderwire because it is soft to the touch and moves easy and won’t coil like mono... I am using the free sample from Spiderwire

    Fastening the hook.
    1. Tie a simple overhand knot at one end of your line material. This should form a small loop for mounting the bait.
    2. Pass the other end of your line through the eye of a large hook, Allow at least 1½ inches from the end of the loop to the bend of the hook, for the hair.
    3. Take the end that you passed through the hook eye, and whip it around the hair line, and hook shank at least 6 times (more if using a larger hook). Then thread it back through the eye of the hook once more.
    4. Pull the two ends of your line tight. The finished knot should look like the one above. When you use it you mount the bait onto the 'hair' by threading the 'hair' through the bait with a bait needle.
    To finish off the rig you must tie a swivel to the other end. You will attach your rig to your main fishing line using the swivel. The swivel is also used to secure the sinker if needed.
    Making the baiting needle.
    You will need to have a baiting needle to thread the bait onto the hair. Take a long, large sewing needle. Try and find the longest one possible as it will be easier to handle. Using a pair of tin snips or pliers cut one side of the needles' eye away. Mounting your bait onto the hair is simple using the baiting needle. To mount your bait on the hair rig simply push the needle into the bait. Attach the needle to the loop at the end of the hair and pull it through your bait ball. A small piece of grass or pine needle will secure the bait on the end of the hair.
    My favorite bait, works for both carp and cats.
    • 1 box. (20oz.) Corn flakes (cheapest brand you can find)
    • 4 oz. Colby or Cheddar cheese (grated)
    • 4 oz. Honey
    • 3 cups flour
    • 1 pk. cherry Kool Aid (pk. size - to make 2 quarts)
    • 3 tblsp. Garlic powder
    • 1 tsp. Anise oil (can be purchased at most grocery, candle, or health food stores)
    • 2 cups water
    Instructions for mixing
    • Pour corn flakes in a VERY LARGE bowl and crush finely.
    • Add flour, cheese, Kool Aid, garlic powder & honey.
    • Add water and anise oil to the mixture.
    • VERY IMPORTANT: Knead mixture until it is smooth (about 10 min.). Shape into a large pancake, smooth a little flour on both sides of the pancake and put into a 1 gal. size "Zip Lock" bag.
    • Put into the freezer and it is ready to go.
    This mixture will keep for a very long time if you keep it in a cooler or freezer when not in use. I do not use any weight on my rig, I let the bait be the weight and fish with a slack line. Good luck!!!