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    Can anyone tell me of a GOOD web site that can give me current and past river conditions. I am trying to see where I can get info on current flow, river levels, and water temp so I don't waste a trip to the river if the conditions are not right for what I am looking for. Also, I am trying to see about when in the past years the river has hit certain temps and certain levels like when in the year it is normally the highest/lowest, and warmest/coolest. Something like just a table that has the averages over the past "x" amount of years. Thanks for any info you all can help me muster up. See you on the water
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    just google it for which ever river and area you want it for. you should find a good one there
    I use "Advanced Hydrological Predictions " site for my area of the Mississippi River,,, they update the stage about every hour or two

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