How to Fish Logjams and bridge piers

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by raiderhawk, Aug 9, 2009.

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    I have been looking for structure on my local river that I can fish. I don't have a boat and have found a few logjams and some bridge piers that I can get to. I was just wondering if I should fish upstream and or downstream of them and if there is any other advice you guys might have.

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    If you know the depth of the water you can float a live bait in just over the log jam. Also you can put a bait on bottom just in front of the jam or just behind it. If it was me I would fish a float with a live bait over the jam or on bottom just behind the jam.

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    Try both up an down. Use a bobber casting upstream an floating into the area. Also try fishing bottom just right at or below structures.
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    Mark when fishing the bridge peirs try fishing the edge of the current where the downstream edge of the peir stops, cat will sometimes work this edge and ambush baitfish as they wash down the current, try fishing the actual current break itself between the two downstream esges of the peir and try fishing the "y" where the two current breaks come together downstream of the peir.
    It you can fish a peir that has a logjam above, beside or below it its even better.
    You got some good logjam info in the other post, my only addition would be be ready for the bite and get them out of there quickly of they will head for the baddest part of the logjam when they run and hang you up.
    Gotta love it buddy! Just wait till you get hooked up and know you got em' on 10,000 questions will run through your mind, trust your instincts, get em' turned towards you and enjoy the journey!
    Gear up good working jams, big line, big swivels and med. to big bait live or cut.
    Welcome to the BOC, you will get a bunch of excellant information here.
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    All this advise is great, so give it a try. My 2 cents worth on log jams (without a boat) would be to get above it and fish the bottom with dip bait. If you have multiple rods, put one close to the outside edge of the jam, the middle and one close to the base of the log/logs. The scent of the bait should wash down into the jam and those fish (probably channels) will pick up on it and you will be in the fish.
    Good luck
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    The fish here are usually directly behind the structure if there is current, since it gives them a rest and bait washes down to them. I would cast to the upstream side of said structure, and let the scent work its way downcurrent.

    My most important advice is to get your bait as close to any structure as you can. Gotta have good casting skills, but get your bait up in there. It makes a world of difference in coaxing the less active fish if you can drop it right in front of their faces. If you get snagged alot, then you're doing good!
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    Not all logjams are created equal. Some go all the way to the bottom some are just floating on top. If you find one that is just floating on top and there is enough current you can drift your baits under the logjam. Say it takes 3 oz to stay in one place, put on 1 oz and throw up stream from the log jam and let out enough line to get it right under there.


    On the logjams,I,d hit both the up and downstream ends of it.On the piers, I like to fish the downstream ends.Aint got nothing to add that you haven,t already heard.Gear up big and get em away and headed towards you quick.Sounds like a situation for 80# line at least.:wink:
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    I love trying to pull flatheads out of the log jams. When fishing them I will usually use extra heavy line with little or no leader (0-6") and a 1oz egg sinker. I like to position about 20 yards from the jam and let my bait set right up against it. I fish all around it and sometimes I'll Float livebait. I fish down stream of them as well as upstream. see what works for you
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    I would fish on the oppsite side of the cuurent the jam will break the current and bait fish will trry and get behind there to exscape the current and usauly big fish sit and wait for them.