How to fish a lake?

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    Hello everyone,
    Just another question or two, Last year which was my first, I mostly fished off the bank. I got out in a boat a couple of times but felt a bit lost! I primarily caught channels the entire summer, I did catch one baby flat, and never seen a blue. I know there are good size blues and flats where I'm fishing but I haven't the slightest clue as where to look on the lake? Even when I was in the boat, we still would anchor off shore about 30-40 yards and cast inward towards the bank resulting in moderate success on the channels. I guess to sum this post up, my question would be where does one try and drop a line to find blues and flats? I.E. around the bank, in the middle of the lake, or is it just kind of hit and miss? Also it may be important to know that I'll still primarily be fishing from the bank this season as well.

    I really appreciate all of your responses, I just want to catch a nice Blue or Flat this year more than anything! When I say nice I mean anything over 5lbs.

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    Anything over 5 lbs huh? Just make sure you use something fresh or live such as shad or bluegill and have faith you WILL catch one soon.

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    Rott, I would think that you need to see the water better.... portable depth finder....for finding break lines and channel drop offs...get a map of the contours from the lake.... find the underwater structure..
    god luck with the fishing man......check out the library see more of what is in there..... lots of relative infor...

    bayrunner ray
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    What lake are ya fishing?Gotta make sure it contains blues and flats before ya catch them.
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    Hi Garrett,Well there are some of factors to consider first.Blues,flats,and larger Channel cats like live or fresh cut bait.Shad,bluegill,perch,Goldfish,are just a fue.Find out what type of baitfish the lake you are fishing holds,I would recommend getting yourself a cast net and learning how to use it,there are some good posts in the library check them out it will help getting started,plus whatever body of water you might be fishing you will have access to fresh bait that that the cats are use to with that being said use larger baits,a live whole bluegill hooked behind the dorsal fin on a slip sinker rig,if there is little or no current in the lake make your leader 12/18in or a little longer,and fish around stucture,logs,downed trees,rock piles.use larger hooks,6/0 to 10/ favorite hook is a kahlie hook. dont bury the hook in the bait leave it exposed as the catfish don't know the differance.If you are fishing in current shorten up your leader.use several types of fresh or live bait till you figure out what is there bait of choice that day.don't stay in one spot all day move if there is no action reposition your baits and change your bait at least every 1/2 hour or so keep them FRESH! I always place a one of my baits close to the bank cause them Big Boys feed close to shore sometime chaseing baitfish.and remeber Big bait, bigger fish.also if you can get a map of your lake that helps alot in finding out where the channel is, structre,feeder creeks,drop offs ect. Now go catch that Big Hog and show us some pictues.Good Luck Garrett.Your Friend J.D.
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    For Flatheads, you want to find sunken structure.. Crappie nests, sunken blowdowns, rock lines off damns/rip rap, etc etc.. Flatheads are all about structure .. Get some good livley bait, rig up, and have lots of patience.
    Hit your local bait shops and ask around about flathead/blues success, they are a great source for a ton of really good info on your local waters...
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    The first thing I would do, Is get yourself some good electronics. A couple of years ago I would've argued with ya about it, but since I have them now, I don't know how i would fish without them. Blues like deep water, with current. If there is no current I would find a deep hole where there is baitfish or a channel or creek coming into the lake. You usually can spot a school of baitfish or even some cats on a good locater. For flatheads I would try fishing structure. Tree stupfields, underwater structure, ect. I would use live bait, (shad, goldfish, or bluegill) for flatheads, and use cut bait,( cut shad, or skipjack). for blues. I heard shrimp works well, but I have never used it.