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    Everyone is telling me to look for deep holes in the river that offer cover. How do I find these deep holes? What do I look for? Once you cannot see the bottom how do you determine what is a deep hole and exactly how deep should I be looking for? Just a newbie trying to learn. Thanks!
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    Look for slow moving water. Take a pole with a bobber on it and set it at deffrent depths. A deep hole is a part of the water that is deeper than the rest of the water. 20' in a small river is a deep hole.

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    well, i use a fish finder. if your on shore look for shallow areas that mite have a hole behind them. also look for steep eroded banks, that mite mean a hole. also look on google earth for sections of river that twist n turn, those turns mite have deep water on the outside bend. also i find that the section of river with the most turns usually hold more and better fish. dont get hung up on holes either anything to deflect current can hold a wapper, even in shallow water!!!!!
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    Dear Brother Kris;
    First off, :big_smile:"WELCOME to the BOC":big_smile: You have made a decision that is going to change your life not only for the better, but in good ways that you have not even thought of or dreamed of yet!:big_smile:
    Second, If you have a boat get you a good Sonar Unit on it and it will make it much easier to find those "Holes" once you know how to ready your screen.
    Personally, I can't advise you on Sonar units but I'm sure we have excellent articles on many different models and types in our Library and Archives for you to check into.
    Also, we have many members to help you out too no matter if you have a Boat and Sonar or if your poor folks like most of us and have to fish off the bank, ect. There are techniques for every river, lake, in every State and body of water that has Catfish in it.
    Having said that, I'm going to clear out of here and let other more knowledgeable folks step in to help you out!:big_smile:
    One last thing, sometimes you get so many replies you just don't know which way to go!! Don't let that overwhelm you!! Take the advices and posts that most apply to your situation and try them first. :big_smile: It's a great way to start.
    Again, "Welcome Aboard".
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    It's not just water depth. You are looking for a spot where the catfish can lay in slower water with the current moving over his head. So in water where 7 foot is average 10 foot could be a hole. Water patterns on the surface give you a clue, but if you are bank fishing they can be hard to find.
    Keep fishing!
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    The outside bend of the river you're fishing should carve out a nice hole, depending on the current. The faster the water flows into the bend the deeper the whole will likely be. Where an inlet creek dumps into the river will often carve out a hole just downstream of the creek mouth. Also the downstream side of large obstructions; like log jams, dikes, bridge pilings will have carved out holes. Those are all things I look for (since I don't have a boat either).

    Add some riprap and submerged structure to any of those holes and you have a recipe for some good fishin'.