How to Clean alum boats

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    A friend of mine just told me how to clean scum off a alum boat.

    I own a alum boat that is painted white and i have tried everything to get the scum line off the boat.A car wash wont begin to get it off its been on there for yrs.

    He said to put Lysol toilet bowl cleaner on it, let it soak for a few min then power wash it off.

    I went and bought some went and headed to the car wash.I applied it on to the dry boat like he said, let it soak about 5-10 min then hit it with the power wash.
    It looks like a new boat!!!:big_smile:

    I have tried to hand scrub it with all kinds of boat cleaners and never could get the brown scum line off.
    I guess it has hydrochloic acid ( spelling) which they use to clean alum bulk traliers.

    It will also clean/shine un-painted alum boats or pottoons.

    I just applied it to a brush wiped the whole boat down let it soak for about 5-10min then power washed it off.. that simple.

    Just thought I would pass this along if you want to try works.

    PS...Wear safety glasses and avoid getting it on you skin.
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    Good deal Tom. That is nice to know. Thanks.

  3. mandingo

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    i bought some stuff called Zing from ozawkie,that is used for getting the lime water marks off those boats and motors that sit in the water all year on their slips.they said it would clean up an alum boat good too and it did.only prob though is the fumes that comes off that stuff brings tears to any mans eyes.ill give the lysol a try next time,thanks Tom!
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    Derby, Kansas
    I use some stuff called LAs Awesome Cleaner that I got at Family Dollar store for a buck a bottle, ....really cheap, and works great. I leave my pontoon in a slip at ElDorado, so it gets real nasty gunk on it, and it takes 99.9% off. I'm really impressed for the price. $1 for the spray bottle, and $3 for the refill jug.