How to clean a abu garcia reel ?

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by Drawout, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. Drawout

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    Hey guys i need to know the proper way and how to oil them and what parts to oil ? All advice is appreciated !:)
  2. tanner

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    all i really do is just oil the gears and bearings and all rotating parts...fairly simple.

  3. brinley45cal

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    i would like to clean and oil mine but to be honest im scared to try to take the thing apart,im not sure what to do cause i know they need to be lubed every once in a while but im to chicken to try it.
  4. armynavy

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    Thanks john forgot about that tutorial pretty awesome.
  5. s_man

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    I just want to add a little more here. The first time you take one apart make sure you have time and don't rush. Lay out an old towel on the table, get into a habit of laying the pieces out like they will go back on. Make different rows for different sections. The first piece taken off goes on the far right, then place each additonal piece to the left of that.Its mainly needed for the handel side that has most of the gears and drag system. Work in sections and sub-sections. Start with the frame, clicker side-plate, spool, and worm gear. Clean them with Dawn,hot water and a toothbrush, then dry, oil and reassemble. Then take a shot at the more complicated side. Just go slow take some time. The factory puts enough grease on a new reel to last a couple years cause they figure most people can't or wont clean them regularly. Once you get all that extra grease off just put on a light amount of grease and go spareingly with the oil. You'll be suprised how much smoother and faster the reel is without that extra grease. Then besides a once a year total cleaning all you need to do is oil the worm gear every few trips or whenever it looks dry.