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how to chum a big river?

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I've got an idea for a DIY chum dispenser made of a PVC tube with holes drilled in it that can be thrown out and left sit.

My question is... How would I go about using something like this effectively on a big river (the Missouri)?

Would I just pick a spot slightly upstream from a likely cat hold, let it sit while I catch bait, rig my rods, etc. and just cast my bait to the same area hoping that the chum will draw cats right to my bait?

And, while I have your ear... What's a good chum for this situation? I was thinking somehthing like chicken livers or congealed blood would be a good choice because the scent trail would begin dispersing pretty much immediately. But, then again, cut baitfish may be a good choice, too, since that's what I'll be fishing with.

Obviously, this technique is more geared toward staying in one spot than jumping from hold to hold looking for cats.

Does anyone do something similar on a large river?

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ive actually found a way to attract plenty of baitfish around the bank, which i beleive attracts bigguns.............i actually place the lantern as close to the water as when all those bugs are swarming and ur cussing at them is the best time for this........u ever look at the ground below ur lantern and see all the dead bugs.....well when the lantern is close to the water then millions of these bugs will be dead in the water , soon u will notice lots of baitfish all around the bank feeding on these im not too sure how good this works but ive caught fish doing this, i dont know if it was from the bugs that attracted the baitfish that attracted the cats.........but i like to beleive on cooler nights this obviously wouldnt work..................good luck brother
thats a good idea, never thought of that. I guess thats why I see those brackets that mount to your boat to hang the lantern over the water. And I thought they made it like that just to get it out of the way.
Hey Mick I use the chum tube you're talking about. I've got a 4ft. piece of PVC with prolly 25 1.5in holes in it. I glued a cap on one end and drilled a hole thru the cap and pipe on the other end. That's the end I have a short piece of rope with a shackle on it. Go to your local feed and seed store and ask for a bag of fish meal. This us ground dried menhaden mostly. I like to take the fish meal and mix in some old fish gusts from the last catch, maybe some dog food or rabbit pellets. I stuff my chum tube and hook it to my anchor rope about 5ft up from the anchor. I usually get about 30min. out of a tube and if I haven't caught anything by then I'm usually ready to move any way. You can also take this fishmeal mixture and add some clay soil to it, patty it out, let it dry and then "bait" several different areas. I use this technique for shrimping with great success. I have a 2x4 mold a little larger than a building brick. Having a square chunck of chum minimizes rolling away with the current. What ever you try I wish you luck. Let us know how it works dude!
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