How to build a custom shaped livewell

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    Just thought I would give a little info on how to bulid an easy custom sized livewell. This design allows you to do just about any shape or size. I start out by buliding the basic shape of the livewell out of 3/4 inch marine grade plywood. You can build it as an open top livewell or make it an extension of you deck etc. When you have the shell made you will need some fiberglass cloth and some fiberglass resin. Both are availible at walmart or home depot. First apply some resin to your joints and cover them in fiberglass cloth and then brush some more resin on top. If you want you can cover the entire inside of the tank with fiberglass cloth and resin to add even more stability. After that Apply at least 2 coats of the fiberglass resin to the inside of the box sanding between coats. This gives the inside a waterproof hard shell much simulating an actual custom fiberglass tank. You may also choose to paint it with WATERPROOF paint on the inside if you wish. I have also found that a flow through system that allows you to change the water periotically will drastically increase the amount of fish you can keep in the tank. I also personally use a power bubbles aereator as well. So good luck buliding you own custom fiberglass livewell !!!!!!!!!!:big_smile: