How to be a good fishing partner

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    Kip started a great thread about what you look for in a fishing partner.

    This post is for my two fishing buddys HRcats "Roger"..And Mellon.

    Now they are good fishing buudys, but there is always room for improvement:smile2:

    This first segment is for Roger and how he can be a better fishing buddy!!

    1- Arive at our fishing spot in the early am, just to make sure the spot is ours and no one else is fishing it when I arive at 2pm.

    2-Once the above mentioned has secured the spot in the early am, he does not fish untill I get there, but he does catch all the bait we will BOTH need for our day of fishing..I repeat he does not start fishing untill I get there:wink:

    3- spend the long boring months of winter making me 100's of sinkers.

    4- buy me a new reel every year for christmas:smile2:

    5- dont get mad and say you are going home when I am catching all the fish:smile2:

    6-Bring 2 coolers with ice, one for shad, and the other for all the food and drinks he will be bringing for the both of us.

    7- If all the food is ate, and I am still hungry, be more than willing to walk out of the fishing location and go get more food.

    Now for Mellon

    1- Be on time, this has only happened once in 6 years, he actually got to the spot before me, and even started fishing before I got there and caught a flathead..This is a very big sin and wont be tolerated:smile2:

    2- finally be able to throw a castnet,

    3- make a trip to the ohio river and catch tons of skipjack, then drive to my house so I can put them in my freezer. When I run out go catch more.

    4- buy me a new rod every year for christmas to go along with the new reel Roger buys me:smile2:

    Now again, Roger and Mellon are very good fishing buddys, but to achive the level of greatness, all they have to do is improve a little bit:smile2:
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    South Cent
    :smile2: Sounds like your fishing with some good folks, but you mean you can not claim them on your W-2's :crazy:

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    I need some buddy's like that. its usually the other way around. lol
  4. HRCats

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    Why do i have more rules to follow than mellon??? I'm sure he will be jealous of this!!! I do get to the spot early enough to secure it for us but once there i cannot help but to get a line out. That would be like going to the steakhouse and not eating. We need to start fishing soon so you won't be sitting at home trying to think up new ways to make out like a bandit on our trips. :wink: As far as rule #5 goes i only did that once. lol And since you live closer to the Scioto than me rules 1,2,6 & 7 should apply to you! :smile2:
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    Pretty darn funny Jack. Good stuff. I know I could never be your fishing partner ( sigh ) But Hey! Are you willing to share your's? lol... Maybe even lease em' out once in awhile..... Could be extra income...
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    FH.L.A.F.B.P., Inc. - Flathunters Lease A Fishing Buddy Program, for a small nominal fee of $99.95 gets you 12 hours of fishing buddy service, for every minute after the twelve hours, its an additional $25.95 for 30 minutes, all fees are to be paid upfront at the time of taking deivery of your Fishing Buddy, we hope you enjoy your fishing buddy as much as i have mine, good luck fishing:smile2::smile2::smile2::smile2::smile2::smile2::smile2:

    Fine Print:

    If for some reason your "FISHING BUDDY" is late, forgot bait, loud, foulmouthed after missing a hookset, farts porfusly, eats all the food, we ae not held responsible for any actions of your "FISHING BUDDY" and also cant be held responsible for damages done on a fishing trip, you are responsible for controling and maintaining your "FISHING BUDDY" and we strongly recommend that feeding and supplying beer for your "FISHING BUDDY" will greatly improve your experience, all fees are nonrefundabl...:smile2::smile2::smile2::smile2::smile2::smile2::smile2:
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    looks like you guys have a lot cut out for ya
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    Boy now thats the fishing partners Im looking for!:smile2: