How the National Gathering changed me.

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by loanwizard, Sep 20, 2006.

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    As some of you know, I am quite active in the High Intensity area of this site. I guess I just like a good verbal scrap. I have knocked heads with a few guys and rarely got my feelings hurt. I have seen many well let's just say spiteful to hateful posts. I grudgingly admit that I authored a few. I have always thought even the worst person in the world has an upside. Likewise, even though I have verbally jousted hard with some members, I have always thought that we were not that different even though our views might differ diametrically.
    That feeling manifested itself on me at the National Gathering. Some of the hardest "fights", at least idealistically that I have had were with Dayton (olefin) and Gofish Tony. However, at the gathering, it was somehow different. We teased each other good naturedly, but at the end of the day, I believe that I spent the majority of my time, with the exception of the BOC quartet, with Tony. I have a newfound respect for that man and he is a great human being. I also had the pleasure of meeting Olefin. After the dinner on Saturday, they had an auction and door prizes. Well they had these hand carved plaques (great job whoever made them by the way) that had National Gathering engraved on them. Well, since it was the inaugural Gathering, I thought that just might be nice to have. As a car dealer I go to auctions quite a bit. I noticed the bidding started off a little slow so I kept raising my hand walking the fine line between bidding it up and owning it. I was going to get one but I wanted to help raise as much as possible for the BOC and figured I'd get the last one. Well the first one went for $60.00 I believe. When the second one came around I figured I'd bid that one up and maybe buy that one. Well there kept a bid a coming from my left and every time I raised my hand he'd up me by $1.00 I looked over and it was my old nemesis Olefin. Wel, I believe we both got our auction juices going (AKA testosterone) and ended up over a $100.00 I ended up letting him win (yes I let :wink: ) that one and bought the third one. The point is not how much was spent, but the good natured comeraderie we shared. I have a deeper understanding of both men and consider them friends regardless of the fact that their political views are royally askew.
    Previously I had made a post about feral cats as bait with wd 40 and some thought it humorous but too many.... not so much. One of those most vociferous was Catgirl. Now we knew we liked each other but I'll tell you she was as mad as a wet hen! Do you know that she was the first one to hug me when I arrived? i hadn't even gotten off the bike yet. We almost had a Harley Shawn Tanya sandwich (might not have been ALL bad :tounge_out: ) We ended up spending the entire night, from 2-6am together having an old time gospel sing.
    The bottom line is my perceptions of some people did a 180 that weekend. I see some real knock down drag em out scraps going on daily in HI. It is my desire to share with those of you that frequent HI, and to those of you who didn't make it to the national gathering that the people on this site can be different in person than on the net. I highly encourage you to simmer on the bickering and have a little more discourse in there, AND if you EVER get the opportunity to go to a gathering, do it. It can be a life changing experience where you may forge a lifelong friensdship with someone you'd least expect.
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    Great, great, great post Shawn. I am proud to call you my friend.

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    Shawn good post You forgot to mention that when you won the bidding on the third plaque you got it for less money than olefin and that you had did something that i didnt expect. You payed the same price as olefin did. That was a very cool thing to do for the BOC.
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    Great post Shawn.
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    Hmmm....sounds like an exodus from the high intensity area is just around the corner. Great post, I hope your change will always be for the better of the community. The guy I met at the gathering (Shawn Dostie) was a lot mellower than his alter ego (Loanwizard).:smile2: Glad to meet you brother if for just a few minutes....

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    Great post Shawn!

    I can't tell you how much I enjoyed meeting you. I always read your posts and found them interesting.

    I have to tell you they were not nearly as interesting as the man I met. I left the National with newfound respect, admiration, and adoration towards you.

    You are a special man and I am proud to call you friend.

    I am looking forward to seeing you at the next National!

    Bring that beautiful voice along again. :smile2:

    Hugs to you little brother :)
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    I didn't know that and I agree that was a very good thing for Shawn to do for BOC.
    Thanks for informing us.

    Shawn, another great post, I've seen some of yours that were also great in High Intensity area but I wouldn't have never told you that.... that is, before the National! It may have changed me too. :smile2:
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    Shawn, after reading this post the first thing that came into my mind is "I love you Shawn Dostie. As a friend, a brother, a great man, and a terrific tenor!" You are one of a kind. Seeing you sitting there on that Harley right after you arrived brought a big smile to my face (and a song to my heart, I just didn't know it yet :smile2:) Dave L. is the one who crafted those BEAUTIFUL BOC plaques. I really wanted one too, but you and Dayton bid them out of my price range, darn it :tounge_out:! Isn't it a wonderful thing to cross all kinds of boundaries and come together as one big happy BOC family. The first national gathering proved that to all of us. Long live the BOC!
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    Great post Shawn!! I have to agree with you on the meeting people in person. I know there have been some posts that I have ready and thought, "Wow, that person was a bit harsh," or "that person looks a bit on the mean side." But then you meet them in person and they are the total opposite. I'm sure some have thought the same of me, but I hope I proved them wrong, (or wrong, depending..:lol: ) this past weekend

    I did get to talk to you much, mostly because Shane (WhiteRiverBigCats) was talking your ear off about football and singing. :)lol:) Anyway, it was nice meeting you at the Gathering! Hope to see you at the next one!
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    Great post. Having someone right there in front of you, seeing them face to face has a much bigger impact on you than a few words on a screen does. I commend you for speaking up and also for paying the same as Dayton for the plaque, that was great of you to do for the BOC. I would've loved to have listen to ya'll sing all night and would've love seeing ya on that Harley as well. :tounge_out:

    Thanks for opening up and posting.
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    LaGrange, Ky.
    I had a great time at the national gathering, and watching you guys bid against each other was one of the highlights of the weekend! I also came away with a better understanding of what the B.O.C family is all about.
    My thanks goes out to everyone involved. Dave
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    I wish I could have been there Shawn. Until the next one, I hope to spar with you some more in HI.
  13. Dave L

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    Great post Shawn,
    Unfortunately for me I didn't get a chance to meet you, the darn gathering wasn't quite long enough. Next year I plan on not fishing and doing more socializing. I can fish any old day, though it isn't every day you get a chance to meet your brothers and sisters. Well you know what they say, hind sight is 20/20.
    As for the plaques, the funds from the sale of them far exceded my expectations, though the whole purpose of the donation was to help out the BOC and that is all I wanted and that is what happened.
    Wait till you see next years plaques.:big_smile: I have a whole year to design them they should be good.
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    Wizard, I was personally somewhat disappointed in your post. I thought I was going to read that they turned you into a Republican at the gathering. To read that you just realized your brothers and sisters here weren't the wild, three-eyed, foaming at the mouth, unthinking conservatives you thought they were in HI, only means you learned something most of us already knew. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the gathering to meet a lot of you. But they say here you rode a bike to the gathering, and you sang hymns for hours. Without even meeting you, the gathering has had an impact on my opinion of you. You obviously are not the three-toed sloth with the pointed liberal head that I had in my mind from HI. I hope there is another national gathering that I can attend to meet you and several of the other brothers and sisters I enjoy dialogue here with. :big_smile:
  15. Dreadnaught

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    Shawn, you always seem to surprize me, LOL!!! Great Post Buddy!!!

    It was great to meet you in person finally. For those of you that missed the National Gathering, you missed on heck of a party!!! I met so many great folks I can't begin to name all of them.
    I got to talk to Shawn for a while and, he was more than I expected. He Is a very well mannered guy with a big heart. I just wish I could have visited with him a bit more.

    PS. I have decided not to use you for an anchor Shawn, LMAO!!!
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    Kathleen G
    Shawn I don't frequent HI because I have been known to get a little excited about stuff till I think it out so I don't know that side of you the man I met and talked to is a good man {especially for a used car salesman] LOL Shawn as for the upping the price on the plaque you got:cool2: :big_smile: your the man you are on my good list come to a Ga gathering double dog dare you