How sensitive are catfish to noise, vibrations and light???

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by smitty1963, Jun 12, 2008.

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    Can someone please tell me just how sensitive cats are to noise and vibrations from the bank or boat an if they are spooked easily by light at night?????????
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    I use to think (because of what I read) that cats were extremely sensitive and easily spooked but the more I fish and take people out with me, I really don't think cats are spooked easily. I've had some people fish with me that cause noise constantly on the boat and we still catch fish - from dropping things in the boat to tapping their feet on the floor, etc. Now do I still try to be quiet as possible, yes, just becuase you never know if a big cat is gettig ready to bite and he may be the one in a million that is spooked easily. The other factor is that you are normaly casting out to the holes so you are not sitting right on top of them, unless you are fishing over them suspending baits or something. Now if you are fishing in 4 foot of water and run your outboard all over the top of them to get to the hole, I'd imagine they would move and may take a few minutes for them to settle back down. As far as lights go, cats can't really see that good so I wouldn't put to much into them being spooked easily by light either. Light normally draws in bait fish which draw in predators. I'd like to think of catfish as equal opportunistic feeders, if there's bait there and they are hungry, there gonna eat - no matter what the light factor is or occasional noises!

    Just my 2.5 cents on the matter!

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    Check out a thread called "Stealth". Plenty of chat on there about this very subject...W
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    Hey Ken....Welcome to the BOC brother. I fish for big Flatheads exclusively from the bank. Two weeks ago during the full moon, I was fishing a bluegill on a float and the float had drifted up next to the bank. I went to the pole and was gonna re-cast it out a little further. Just as my shadow passed over the water.....a huge flathead busted out of the shallow water. He was in 2 feet of water and not too far from my float and Bluegill. I blew it brother. I was being very stealthy and walking very quitely. I had no lights on. The only light was from the full moon. As my shadow passed over him ...he spooked. Two weeks later while fishing in the very same spot.....I caught a 67.2 lb Flathead! Also ....I used to have a pet Bluecat that we kept in a large fish aquarium. We caught him when he was only 6" long and we kept him until he was almost 3 lbs. During this time, I watched and observed him everyday. When the light was on in the living room, he wouldn't come out from under his log. If the light was off and things were calm....he would come out and eat everything in sight. So....yes I do think that catfish are (very sensitive)to light and noise and vibrations from the bank and from a boat. I also think that if you are fishing in deep water it might not be as big of a deal. But if you are fishing in shallower water....I think it makes a big difference. I dont use any lights now and I try to be very quiet and still when fishing for trophy cats. While there are those who would argue'll never convince me that it doesn't matter.:eek:oooh: