How often should you change your braide line?

Discussion in 'Fishing Line Review' started by Rajun_Cajun, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. Rajun_Cajun

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    Olathe, Kansas
    well i have had powerpro line 10# braide on my daiwa baitcasting reel since christmas when i got it and it hasnt kinked up or anything since then... i like it alot but coating that tehy put on it is starting to were out. but i was just wondering in general how often you should change your braide
  2. ka_c4_boom

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    as far as i know braide doesnt go bad due to being one of the strongest lines its sythetic and water resistant thats why its used in oceanic fishing it lasts along time ive got some that 20yrs old tested it its still breacks at over 80#

  3. Kerrlakecatmaster

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    North Carolina
    rechange your line every year! I know, it will help you keep fish
  4. bearcat

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    Nokomis, Illinois
    Hey Rajun cajun. I have power pro on my reels that is 4 years old and still as good as new. You dont have to change PP as often as mono because it doesnt degrade like mono from UV rays. The one advantage that isnt talked about with PP is the line change is years between. That reduces the cost to below mono. If the line is frayed a little near the hook. Just cut off 6 inches toa foot and retie. Dont get in a hurry to re string you reel. It isnt nessecary.
  5. Catfishhunter

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    Lanesville, In.
    I agree with bearcat. I have had some four years old and was still just as strong as new. The one thing I do every year is take the line of one reel and wind it onto another reel exposing the new line that was on the bottom of the other reel. I think alternating the line keeps you from wearing out one end of your line...:confused: I hope this makes sense...
  6. Cattracker16

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    Wilton Iowa
    now that makes alot of sense to me, the fire line sometimes seems to be a little lighter on the end that is always in the water.
  7. Catcaller

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    The coating coming off isn't a big deal at all. I have power pro on a couple reels that is white...the dye has even come of it!

    If you fish alot in yourself a favor to prevent future heartache...change it out when it starts to become excessively frayed looking.

    Power Pro is good stuff...and it is very strong...but it does lack abrasion resistance. Rocks can and do chew it up.