How often do you change your baits, while catfishing?

Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by Katmaster Jr., Feb 14, 2006.

  1. Katmaster Jr.

    Katmaster Jr. New Member

    Wilmington, NC
    I was wondering how often you all usually change your bait while fishing. I mean like every 30 minutes, 1hr, etc.

    Personally I like to change my bait about every 20-30 minutes. And it depends on the water temp. When the waters warm, bait loses it's "freshness" alot faster then when the water is cool. It also depends on what kind of bait I am using, like shad, or bream, etc. I hardly ever use stinkbait and I know you have to change that pretty often. I use shad the most and on a average I would say I change my bait every 20 minutes if I have plenty of bait. Then when I use things like bream or perch I change my bait about every 30 or more minutes.

    Thank's, Zakk.:)
  2. rasimmons

    rasimmons Guest

    i usually change bait about every hour in the boat because after about an hour with no bites i move to a new spot. if i am fishing on the bank about every half hour or so. if camping about every two to three adult beverages then every five or six drinks and so on

  3. T-Bone

    T-Bone New Member

    South of Dallas
    Hey Zakk get ya some DK Punch Bait and ya won't be changin' it out at all:thumbsup: ........
    Shad I change out about every 45 min. if I'm not gettin' a bite. Haven't really used any cut bait yet so I'll figure that one out as I get there.
  4. r_bray89

    r_bray89 New Member

    Shawnee, Kansas
    i usally change my bait ever 20 to 30 minutes cause if it hasnt got a bite by then it needs to be changed i have some of that dk punch bait and i cant wait tell i try it out hope it works as well as every one says it does
  5. JMarrs328

    JMarrs328 New Member

    York/Harrisburg, PA
    When I'm using livers, i usually replace it when it falls off!!! W/ cut bait, I usually change after 15-20 mins, or so, before putting a fresh piece on!!!
  6. comanchero

    comanchero New Member

    In Minnesota we can fish two rods on the border waters that I fish. When I am chasing channel cats I change cut bait about every 15 minutes. When I rebait I usually move the bait to a new spot too. If I haven't got a bite in 15 minutes it is probably time to move the bait to a new location within the spot I am fishing. If I don't get a bite within 30 minutes I am out of there and on to a new location.
  7. Tym2Fish

    Tym2Fish New Member

    Scottsdale Arizona
    If I am using live gills, I change baits about every two hours or so. For baits like cut , stink, etc...I usually change about every 30-40 min. It also depends if i am fishing were there is a good current or if I am in a reservoir with little or no current.
  8. Cataholic

    Cataholic Guest

    I primarily use Skipjack, but have as of yet found one that needed changin'
    O'course there's been a couple times over the years that the bite was so fierce that I needed changin'
    (britches that is!):rolleyes:
  9. flathunter

    flathunter New Member

    I change every 20 minutes or so, the blood is usually gone from my cutbait by then.
  10. brad kilpatrick

    brad kilpatrick New Member

    Kansas City
    when using cut bait i change every 20-30 min like y'all. But live bait I leave alone untill I don't feel it moving anymore!
  11. bro_catfish

    bro_catfish New Member

    Ohio ,Coshocton County
    I usally check it like the rest of the members about every 20-35 min or so
  12. pendog66

    pendog66 New Member

    Brookville OH
    usually i change my bait every 20 to 25 minutes, by then usually the chubs are dead and while using cutbait all the blood is gone
  13. The J-Man!

    The J-Man! New Member

    St.Paul, MN
    If I am not getting bites, I usually change my live suckers or creek chubs every hour. If I reel them in though and they are still lively I just chuck 'em back out there. With dead or cut bait I change every half hour or so.
  14. james

    james New Member

    Blue Ridge texa
    When I fish with liver I uselly change it about every 15 to 20 mins when im fishing in heavy current. Fishing a lake or pond its about every 20 30 mins. For cutbait I do about the same less its live then I just change it when they go limp. For stink bait I will change it about every 30 40 mins but for current id rebait every 10 15 mins.
  15. bluehunter

    bluehunter New Member

    Los Angele
    Depending on what I am fishing for and when. During the colder months my baits tend to hold better(cut bait) and I may change it every hour or so. During the warmer months and warmer water temps I notice that the baits do not hold as well, proboly due to baitfish feeding off of the bait as well and and warmer temps causing the bait to tear more easily. I change it every 30 minutes then.
  16. Flamekeeper

    Flamekeeper New Member

    Louisville, Ken
    I change every 10-20 minutes when useing cut bait,Heads / Mid sections /Tails ,
    along with filets 3/4 x 2" strips of meat.Fresh bait scent=:0a23: :thumbsup:

    Live bait , as soon as movement slows down to a crawl:) seems to produce more fish for me.
  17. CoonX

    CoonX Member

    Oklahoma City O
    It depends on the bait I'm using.
    Punch bait; 15-20 minutes.
    Cut bait; 30-45 minutes.
    Live bait; worms; 30-60 minutes
    ............. bluegill; 4-5 hours
    ............. koi; 6-8 hours
    Boilies; 24-36 hours

  18. misterwhiskers

    misterwhiskers New Member

    I'm with the falmekeeper on this 1.Everything i read for targeting any kind of fish say to change bait as often as 5-15 minutes.Fresher the bait the fresher the scent!
    Now,sayaing that i usually do like most eevryone else and leave the darn thing out till i get a fish or it comes off.....LOL
  19. jim

    jim New Member

    Jacksonville NC
    We use a lot of brim,perch,shad and herring,both live and as cut bait.Here is an interesting technique I learned from a Santee guide.He carries a heavy duty set of shears like poultry shears on his belt.When he sets out a bait as cut bait he cuts the tail off the brim/perch etc then set it out.After about 15 min he will bring it in and cut some more off and continues doing this until the head is finished.He surmises that each cut causes more blood and juice to flow.I do know he catches a lot of fish.When he sets out live bait he converts it to this process when it gets weak and isnt swimming strong any more.:)
  20. JAinSC

    JAinSC Active Member

    South Carolina
    I think this is a multiple part answer. The simple answer is that for cut bait, I change every 20 or thirty minutes, but I will move to a new spot if I have gone that long without getting a bite.

    For livebaits for flatheads, I don't change them. What I mean is that I believe that reeling in and recasting a live bluegill will kill it faster than anything (except being eaten by a cat!), so I leave them alone and just trust that they are OK, unless they have been hit or I am moving to a new spot.

    So, in practice my live baits stay on the hook up to an hour or more. Often I reeled in a bait to move to a new spot, and put the whole rig in the live well and then recast the same bait in the next spot. As long as the bait still seems lively, I have used the same bait for over an hour in 2 or 3 different spots.