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    As many of you know, I am new to catfishing. I have done quite a bit of trout fishing and if the bait doesnt look right and feel right then they usually leave it alone. Are catfish finiky like this at all? I usually fish by dropping my line straight down then adjusting to the depth the fish are. Saturday I had alot of strikes but caught only two. The two I did catch were on the pole that had a little less weight on it. I was thinking of using only a small amount of wieght next time, my bait is usually heavy enough to get the line down anyway. What are your thoughts on how much wieght to use if not fishing on the bottom?
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    if not fishing the bottom i use a slip bobber rig and only use 1 or 2 oz. of weight

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    i use enough weight to keep my baits on a 'leash' if fishing with live. if my bait is dead I use enought o keep it on bottom. If fishing off bottom with a drop shot type set up I use the littlest amount of weight i can get away with
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    Micheal, check out the 2nd post in the following, it is a good idea for fishing up off the bottom. You can use more weight, but the fish won't feel it because it is a "sliding weight" that is sitting on bottom.

    Also check out the BOC Library for various different catfishing rigs that work great.

    BOC Library
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    i personally think catfish are a finnicky fish but not in the same respect as bass. i dont think catfish are as picky about what kind of bait is thrown at them but they are picky about weight and they have a very good sense of smell so i think they are probably more used to what is in the water your fishing. ive noticed using a slip sinker rig works very well and is easy to rig up. just get some bullet sinkers and some swivels. put the slip sinker on and then ot your swivel on followed by line and a hook. it should look something like this

    1. 2. 3.

    1. slip sinker
    2. swivel
    3. hook

    hope this helps a little!
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    Ya, I think u should use the lightest weight u can! catfish can feel the weight.