How Much Pressure???

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    How much pressure do you figure it is to follow in the footsteps from a family member such as Earnhardt Sr? D. Waltrip? The King? For example.. I just wonder if more mental wear and tear on the second generation of these drivers to be, or better, is why they often fail to meet expectations??? rollo
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    I don't know......Dale Jr. sure seems to have a tough time dealing with it in some ways. In others, he seems to be surviving.
    The Pettys.......After losing one son, I sorta think they backed off from the real heavy duty stuff quite a bit. Yet they seem to have hung around on Richards' fame to help promote that Victory Junction thing they do for kids in honor of the lost son.......which I think is a fantastic thing to do and a sweet way to "rest on your laurels" if you must. I'd contribute millions if I had it. Seems now days they've ALL got some kind of "foundation" going to keep "Uncle Obamas' " mitts outta their pockets.
    I guess in a lot of ways it's like every thing else in life. You tend to do what you grew up with and walk in daddys' footsteps to make him proud, if you still believe in any portion of the American dream.
    Can't say I'd know much about it though. Ain't NONE of us ever had fame or fortune to pad our lifestyles around this family. The only fame WE ever aquired was for bein' BUTTHOLES.

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    I think now days its harder for them to meet the expectations with the cars being so equal in the series. I believe Dale Jr has accepted the fact that he is not as good as his dad and wants to write his own book in the sport. He doesnt have that killer instinct and aggressiveness as the ole man did. If he was to win one single championship in his career, it would be good enough for Jr., I think he handles the pressure quite well from that aspect. Now as far has driving for Hendrick Motorsports and running up front with Johnson,Gordon and Martin. That would be about as much pressure anyone could take.

    Davey Allison comes to mind here. He was on his way to superstar greatness if it wasnt for his tragic death back in '93. No doubt he would have been just as good as Bobby Allison. If Davey was around today, Jeff Gordon wouldnt have the wins and minus a championship or 2, that he has today.
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    Not sure if I agree so much with Dale Jr, not having the instinct. If he were to drive like his father he would have been fined out the mo fo and broke with how wimpy its gotten. Would he I dont know but he is put into a position of Quarterback when he is really a running back or something like that. He can drive a car and he is good at it but I think people like him are held back from their own potential due to PC.

    He aint dumb and has seen how Kyle Busch gets treated by fans and NASCAR with all of the meetings he has to go thru he dont want that.