How much junk do you bring along?

Discussion in 'Boating' started by CatBassin', Jul 1, 2009.

  1. CatBassin'

    CatBassin' Well-Known Member

    Harmony, NC
    Just curious of how much stuff others bring with them on their boat for an all day/night cattin' trip. You know nets, bait bucket, tackle boxes, cooler, etc. So, what all do y'all bring with you?
  2. Bill in SC

    Bill in SC New Member

    South Caro
    Well, yes, all of the above mentioned. I only take the essentials. Can't fish without that stuff.

    Bill in SC

  3. Mickey

    Mickey New Member Supporting Member

    Most fisherman carry lots more than they need. As one gets older and has spent many hours on the water he will start refining his tackle and only carry the essentials. Lifejackets, extra boat plugs, lights, toilet paper, matches,cell phones,signal flares as well as normal fishing gear have become a part of my gear. And don't forget extra keys for truck and boat. If fishing in cold water then add a change of clothes. Just to name a few.
  4. stoney53

    stoney53 Well-Known Member

    have to agree with mickey the older i get the less i want to carry along i always try to get away with just enough
  5. bedbug jr

    bedbug jr New Member

    My other boat was larger than the one I have now and it was pretty crowded with essentials and I find it's an even tighter fit in the boat I now have. In addition to Mickey's list you add a small grill for hot dogs and/or burgers-diabetic, port-a-potty-I'm old, various and sundry items for comfort-I'm spoiled. I just find a nice shady spot and have a picnic cause I don't have room for rods and reels:smile2::smile2: Stay safe and get a roomy boat!!!
  6. Spider

    Spider New Member

    Hamburg, PA
    Usually more than i probably should have taken. I just know that what I wouldn't take would be the one thing I'd need.
  7. Dave53

    Dave53 Member

    Lonedell M
    that is the reason I don't like taking more than one person with me when I go fishing..not enough room with all my gear and two other people in a 16 foot boat! Then if you catch fish..ya gotta make room for them so something is got to go..the fish is staying!
  8. JBrooks

    JBrooks New Member

    Cincinnati, Ohio
    I bring the essentials. But I always get hungry when I'm fishing, need to bring me some snacks more often! I always bring drinks too, but for some reason I never finish the 20 oz. I had half full from when I first got there. :smile2:
  9. Iowa_Josh

    Iowa_Josh New Member

    Central Iowa
    That looks about right to me. I know some people will brag about just bringing the bare essentials but I get hungry, thirsty, I don't like to be rained on, etc.
  10. odtimr

    odtimr New Member

    I can’t believe you refer to our very expensive, refined equipment as Junk. I believe when you spend that kind of money and time, honing to a fine art and science, the placement of catfishing articles necessary to the procurement of a fish, it should not be referred to as Junk. Where I live it is only articles that belong to the better half that are referred to as such.
  11. catfisherman369

    catfisherman369 Floyd

    Nashville Il.
    net, bait bucket, tackle boxes, cooler , knives , baits , water , sunflower seeds , cigarettes , metal fish basket for gills or shad to live in , 4 to 6 poles , lanterns , lantern poles , flash light , spot light , 357 magnum .
  12. Backlashed

    Backlashed New Member

    Derby, Kansas
    30 years ago I did all of my fishing from a 17 foot canoe and had plenty of room. Now I have a 24 foot pontoon boat, and still stumble over things. :embarassed:
  13. lendog

    lendog New Member

    berks, PA
    yea seems like the more room ya got the more stuff ya gotta carry, i try and only bring the what i use, a couple poles a small pack with all tackle and a small cooler that carries my drinks, snacks, smokes, all other safety equipment always stays on the boat and is tucked out of the way, i like to have room to land the fish and move around
  14. Raven

    Raven New Member

    1. pack food
    2. uncover boat
    3. pack drinks 10 bottles of water and then sodas, koolaid, and monsters
    4. life jackets for everyone
    5. fishing poles for everyone at least 10 or more and 10 that dont work
    6. 2 tackle boxes and bait bag then my sister brings hers.....
    7. kids bring towels
    8. kids bring her purse and extra bag of ohh my gosh i cant leave this.
    9. camera bags
    10. mp3 players
    11. 2 bags of stuff i still have no idea whats in there they just always end up on the boat
    12. spotlight
    13. bug repellent bag
    14. throw net
    15. first aid kit
    16. bucket for trash
    17. bucket for empty bottles
    18. extra clothes for those who tend to fall in the water.
    19. bottle of motrin..
    20. cell phones lots of cell phones
    and you wonder why i dont catch any fish.......:eek:oooh:
  15. mcseal2

    mcseal2 Active Member

    Usually way more than I need too, but I fish an area where help is a long ways off upstream and there is an impassable dam downstream with to much current to paddle far, so I excuse myself that way. I have a 1648 boat and it is set up to fish off the back with 2 people only. 3 people and it is just transportation to a bank spot.

    -Big net
    -bait cooler w/aerator
    -cooler of my food & drink
    -magnetic driving light bar
    -4-6 rods depending on that days fishing
    -small bag w/ flashlight, head lamp, raingear, bug spray, leatherman, and 357 magnum w/ crimson trace lasergrip. I get far from the beaten path where people like to hide their marijuana gardens & meth making crap
    -jump starter pack for when the battery is dead because I left something on all night
    -box with spotlight, bilge pump, portable fish finder, gps dry storage
    -box with tools, toilet paper, lighter, Sea foam, Heat, hose clamps, fuses, spare motor parts, fuel line, connectors and spare fuel filter, and of course duck tape and baling wire.
    -ammo can with tackle box, floats, weights etc.
    -2 canoe paddles
    -boat stick, a 9ft stick I picked up a few years ago some beaver chewed off. It has a small fork at 1 end and the other is pointed. This is priceless for getting around and is the reverse for my mud motor.
    -big tarp shoved under the front deck
    -canvas lawn chair for the other guy fishing off the back
    -drift sock
    -richter river anchor
    -sheath knife mounted near my seat and the front of the boat so if you get caught in something there is always one within reach after you left the one from your pocket lay out of reach where you cut your line

    I also have a compartment in the middle seat for the battery and all the life jackets and other stuff I need to be legal on the water.

    I think that covers the essentials unless I am camping and then I load way to much stuff and try to set camp up before doing anything else.
  16. mankind

    mankind New Member

    ashland ky
    well on my 17.50 cresterliner i have 4 rods tackle cooler w/ food&drinks bag w/bug spray battiers scale extra clothes. 1 hole i have lights rain gear life jackets another hole i have 3-4 spools of line fuses tools wire tape reel handles.single pole swiches for lights 2 laterns not for light but for something to take nip out of air /camera knife oh crap thats enough said and when a buddy comes its really bad oh yes i have the beast for a net so you know its huge:eek:oooh:
  17. kvillcat

    kvillcat New Member

    Kernersville, Nc
    My wife would get a kick out of this one. She says I bring more crap than they can carry in Bass Pro Shop:confused2:. Personally I just think I need a bigger Boat.:wink:

  18. JimmyJonny

    JimmyJonny Well-Known Member

    Making a list was the best thing I ever did. Over the years I stopped bringing things I didn't need and added things I did need. I bank fish so bringing only what I need is important. I think one item that sticks out is my rain gear. It has kept me warmer during winter when needed, dry in the rain, kept the dew off me, and I even use it to lay on if the deck is wet and I'm tired, LOL.. Your needs will be a lot different from summer to winter so I use seasonal lists instead... If I ever have a over-kill on stuff it would surly be extra warm cloths during winter...nothing is worse than freezing your rear off.

  19. quadrunner42029

    quadrunner42029 Member

    one 6 gallon gas tank that weighs over 40 lbs when full 3 marine batteries lol i got bored and weighed my batteries one day my 3 batteries weigh 114 lbs ,2 small tackleboxes 7 rods cast net life jackets cooler with drinks soemtimes the bait tank that weighes about 250 lbs with water in it and anything else we might need, asking alot from my little boat so most of the time we carry 300-450 lbs of gear not including weight of me and a partner lol
  20. Madtownangler

    Madtownangler New Member

    On an all night trip I bring:

    bait....tupperware full of minnows, or a few cans of corn for carp
    small tackle box with terminal tackle in a camera case
    needle nose pliers
    bottle of anise
    Frogg Toggs raingear in a pouch
    couple of water bottles
    cough drops or gum for dry throat
    jacket depending on year.
    food or money to order pizza after fishing
    cell phone

    I can get all this stuff in my backpack with two fishing rods in the side pouches and get set up and use the backpack as a pillow if I want. If I use my golf bag on wheels I can bring a couple more fishing rods and more food.

    If I'm bass fishing I can get away with a small fanny pack of lures, pliers, and lipper. I like my tunes so I bring my Ipod shuffle along too.