How much do you spend catfishing?? Part 2

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    I got in on the tail end of that other thread, so no one has attempted to answer my questions. So I copy and pasted what I wrote yesterday.

    How do you figure it?? In 1999 I spent 11k buying boat and such. Then about 500 or so a year. Last year it went to a grand easy as I got the 9.9 kicker motor for the boat. This year boat got a new generator and 2 new lights. 2 new fishlocaters so I have easily hit that 1000 mark again.

    Then do you count the truckcamper????? I needed that to stay at the lake and fish. Heck I got a generator for it too this winter. Now I can have microwave popcorn fishing. LOL

    You folks need to define money spent on catfishing better. Then do I subtract the money spent on going fishing for shellcrackers?? What happens when I catch a cat and I was going out for bluegills and shellcrackers?? Do I add or subtract from the fuel and bait cost??.

    Where do I put the hundred I spent at Cabellas yesterday?? 13 dollars of that was two of those folding chairs??? Can I sit in them at camp and not fish??? What happens when I carry them by the lake. Is there a formula for figuring all this out.

    I'm so confused, I think I'll just not worry about it and go fishing. By the time I get this all figured out it will be spring.


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    Well Jim them some Perty Tough questions,BUT I Know the answers.You see It's like This, A Man can NEVER spend too much money on fishing gear,or fishing related stuff needed to fish and be confortable while doing it.and the simple truth is Because We Deserve it.Right Fellas?? Later J.D.:wink:

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    there was a survey done a couple of years ago that broke it down like this

    trip expenses- bait, beer, ice, ect things that would be used on one trip only

    epuipment- rods, reels,hooks,line,sinkers, lures ect items that you will use repeatedly

    gas, boats and electronics were seperate.
    so according to them the average catfisherman spent 20 dollars per trip with average angler going 14 times a year

    spent 154 dallars/year on equipment

    if they were a boat owner they went fishing for "other" at least 6times a year other beaing catfish.

    so, how many fit thic catagory?