how many use jon boats

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  1. ae_ted

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    How many here fish out of 14' jon boats, and what size motors do you use?
    What rivers and lakes to you do out on?
    Do you jug, drift. or what? Thanks
  2. Jollymon

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    Wilm .N.C
    Ted my son had a 14 ft lowe dw with a 25 hp on it an he fished the ocean an sound here around wilm .nc all the time .Wishes he still had it ,our 1872 sea ark is a little big to flounder gig some of the area,s he likes to fish.:wink:

  3. ae_ted

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    WOW! I never thought you could do that in a 14'
  4. Jeremy Sheffey

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    Columbus, Ohio
    ive got a 15' 1970 something SEARS jon boat and i have put up to a 10 hp motor on it. but that was a lot i wouldn't put much more on it. to be fair though im a pretty big boy and it is a flat bottom.

    it is a funny story though to how i got the boat though. i was in a little dive bar in morgantown WV and a guy can in obviously down on his luck. he came over to me and some guys drinking at the bar and started talking about how bad he had it and all. eventually he got to his point and said he had his boat with him and wanted to sell it. i asked how much and for $100 i went home with it. it was hell to get licensed but i did after a lot of trouble. kinda funny and lots of fish caught in it sense then.
  5. on_the_fly

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    I got a 14 foot little john that we only use in ponds. but we have been looking for a 3 horse motor for it to run up rough river ,witch is realy small river( like only 20 yards from bank to bank and deep pockets pushing 8 to 10 feet) we were looing at useing the troling motor down stream while fishing and the little gas for back up stream to get back to the truck with. the weight rateing on my boat is only 295 lbs
  6. liplifter

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    I have a 1636 long and narrow,will go about anywhere a canoe will coupled with a 40lb thrust troller and a 15hp merc.
  7. lance

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    16ft john 46lb. thrust trolling motor HAD a 40hp merc it died and I am broke .....:sad2: Have jugged w/trolling motor on the ky river and Cedar Creek Lake too much boat when there is much current for the trolling motor but getting by bank fishing when neccesary .
  8. seth3221

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    I have a 14ft single wide with a 5hp. Not a drag boat but why rush when fishing. It will plain with just me and moves me and my 300lb fishing buddy just fine. I'm 180lbs. It also has a trolling motor on the front. I will get a 10 or 15 if I come across a deal. I fish the neuse, and cape fear rivers. Harris, Jordan, and Wheeler lakes in NC.