How many skunks do you get

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by jolie, May 1, 2009.

How often do you have a skunked fishing trip

  1. Almost never; Around 5%

  2. Infrequently 10%

  3. It happens 20%

  4. less than half 40%

  5. A solid half of my trips 50%

  6. much of the time 75%

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  1. jolie

    jolie New Member

    Seems like I've run into some bad luck recently...

    it makes me wonder how the BOC collectively does so far as skunks. Keep in mind, I mean fishless trips. not biteless. Been plenty of days where there's been a few subtle twitches to the line; their still skunks in my book.

    I'm also interested about what people do to minimize them. Does a boat help alot? perhaps you're a trophy hunter that would sooner skunk for the big ones than pull in alot of measely channels (ok, thats strange in my book- fish is better than no fish, any day:tounge_out:)

    Do they come in spurts for you or with a certain regularity? For me they seem to happen in big bunches. similarly if the fishing is great usually the bite goes on for a while.

    Do you fish harder or longer in the midst of an apparent skunk, or perhaps are you better adjusted and hang up the rod early, with the attitude that you'll come back and fish hard when the bite is on?

    If you have it; estimate the percent of skunked days(nights) versus all you fishing trip.

    Anyother thing to say regarding skunks would be welcome. I need to come to grips with the unsuccessful side of fishing- that is they reason they call this 'fishing' and not 'catching'.
  2. jolie

    jolie New Member

    2008 38%
    2009 56%

    As I said I was in a bit of a rut:embarassed:; my guess is that any month where the percentage goes above 50% becomes uncomfortable. Since I'm over 50% yearwide, that explains why I'm feeling less than happy about the 2009 season.

  3. Blacky

    Blacky New Member

    Philadelphia, P
    Flathead fishing wouldn't be flathead fishing if you didn't get skunked.:cool2:
  4. stumpjumper

    stumpjumper New Member

    Dallas, GA
    I would say less than 5%.


    Tan, that's the truth. I get skunked quite often, especially when I am Flathead fishing!
  5. catfishjohn

    catfishjohn New Member

    Greenup Co. KY

    I agree 100%!!! When we go fishing were targetting the big ones. We get a lot of skunks and 1-2 fish a lot but when you only target the big ones you're gonna get skunked a lot.
    If I wanted, I could catch smaller fish every trip. Just use livers or night crawlers and you'll catch fish (usually little ones):smile2:
    When we fish were after quality & not quantity...:wink::cool2:
  6. bnewsom71

    bnewsom71 New Member

    Way more than I like to admit!!:big_smile:
  7. littleman

    littleman Active Member

    With water temps being down this time of year I wouldn't worry to much about hitting a skunk streak. When I hit a skunk streak I usually try fishing different places and using different baits. Next time you go out take along several different baits. Another thing to try is fishing different times and at different depths. I have noticed that catfish have different habits depending on the time of year and will vary from one body of water to another. There is one lake I fish that after 1am the cats seem to go to bed. Another lake I fish I will get a couple of real nice ones up in the shallows right around sunset. After sunset it doesn't matter what I use and where I put, I will get nothing but fiddlers for the rest of the night.
  8. Flamekeeper

    Flamekeeper New Member

    Louisville, Ken
    Bank Fishing lakes; When I target fish.

    Channels; I usauly catch something each trip.

    Big Blues and Flatheads; sometimes I fish for 2-3 days + before I hang into one:cool2: But thats HOG Hunting for ya:smile2::wink:
  9. WylieCat

    WylieCat Well-Known Member

    I fished around a 100 days last year and got skunked once...and it was a tournament if I remember correctly....LOL!!

    Like others have said, it is a lot easier when you are only fishing for flatheads, especially on bodies of water where there are not many other catfish species. Here where I fish I usually catch blue and channels when fishing live bait for flatheads, so that gets the skunk out a lot easier.

    Climate has a lot to do with it. We fish year round for cats here, and catch them even in the coldest months. I think this makes for much better conditions for catching fish consistently. Being on the water helps a lot too, and fishing from a boat raises your odds even more.
  10. Blacky

    Blacky New Member

    Philadelphia, P
    Liver and nighcrawlers is the best way to BEAT THE SKUNK!:cool2:

    But like John said, when you are looking for the monsters and using 15 inch baits, you will get skunked very often..........actually alot! But when something grabs a hold of that 15 inch bait, you're in for the most intense 3 to 7 minutes of your life.:cool2:
  11. john catfish young

    john catfish young New Member

    I've been skunked so many times it isn't even funny! I only fish for big ones. I do catch plenty of Bluegills though.....LOL:smile2:
  12. Pip

    Pip New Member

    Gotta agree wholeheartedly with Tan and Kenny, if your going after the big boys, it's going to happen. I get skunked from time to time eve just out fishing for the channels. But even so, I still enjoy getting out. It's the thought that the next cast you make might just be the one your after. In my case anytime I can get out on the water i can almost always make something positive out of it.

    Maybe thats why it's called fishing and not catching!:wink:
  13. metalman

    metalman Well-Known Member

    Here's a question for you:
    If you go flathead fishing and catch only blues and channels do you consider that a skunking???

    Or if you go to catch bluegills for bait and catch only bass, is that a skunking???

    I rarely "just go fishing", it is always with a purpose so I suppose I set myself up for failure sometimes.
  14. Welder

    Welder New Member

    Some days ya cant get em to bite. I only have a 80% catch rate. I fish about 100 days out of the year counting spoonbill snaggen. I target big flats and blues. And somtimes they just wont feed or bite a bait on thier nose. Thats why its fishing and not catching lol.:wink:
  15. jolie

    jolie New Member

    its an interesting and good point.

    This spring in particularly I went fishing quite alot for the little fish crappies and perch. Not for bait, exactly. for me! their tasty.

    well winston I can truthfully say that I don't think I got 'skunked' once... but then when you come home after 2-3 hours with 2 or 3 small crappies you can't really convince yourself that you did that well... and, I certainly didn't keep anything

    SO right, skunks AREN'T the only dissapointing result of a fishing trips.

    Also in the mix is the amount of time; there is a big difference between spending all night to catch one smallish fish or having only an half an hour to fish for trout and maybe loosing a fish at your feet.

    and the skunked trout trip is clearly the better day than the long day for the small fish.
    skunks are a simplistic way to look at the catch.

    But I've noticed , still, If I am skunking more than every other fishing trip, on average, I get discouraged and dissapointed.
    This expectation is prolly why I'll never be a musky fishermen:smile2:

    what I'm seeing is a REALLY big range on the BOC; and that some fish and flatheads in particular seem to required great patience and willingness to deal with routine skunking. Other guyz seem to have it TOGETHER far beyond my skills. I can't imagine going out every trip and expecting catches (even just channels and eaters) 95% of the time:cool2:...
    thats truly something to work for.
  16. shadguts

    shadguts New Member

    I almost alwats fish for larger fish. Last year I fished for large catfish 50x and was skunked 10x. I think that's 20 percent. This year I have keep some smaller stuff in the boat just for those "hard" days and have been 17x and been skunked 1x. A boat is indespensible as far as I'm concerned. That's why I bought my first boat, because I got skunked half of the time or maybe more.
  17. JimmyJonny

    JimmyJonny Well-Known Member

    I hardly get skunked, I prolly will now just because I said this, but........

    I fish for blues and flats..I hardly ever go for channels, and never for small fish. I don't get big numbers but I do find my share of what I consider medium size fish.
  18. cathog

    cathog New Member

    Lone Oak Texas
    I voted 5%. I have been skunked one time in the last 2 years, didn't even get a bite that day. I target big blues all fall and winter, some trips we can only drum up a 10 pounder or so, but at least we aren't skunked. I have been out on many trips where I have not reeled in a fish, usually on those days I let the kids reel them in. I get as much satisfaction out of that as catching them myself, and don't consider those days skunks.:smile2: The rest of the year we target eaters and can almost always load the boat up with those. I am going to do some flat fishing for the first time this year, I can see some skunks coming in the near future LOL.
  19. jer__man

    jer__man New Member

    Kingwood Texas
    I think a boat makes a big difference, but I don't think you said where you are fishing. Lake or river? I fish a lake here in Texas that has a very healthy catfish population. And depending on the time of year I can always find the fish. Luckily down here we don't have the harsh winters like you do up north so fishing year round is very do-able. I say if your not catching um in one spot move to another. It's just a matter of finding where they are on any particular day.
  20. Snagged2

    Snagged2 New Member

    Verde Valley AZ
    I mainly target Flatheads, and we also have channels, but, I consider myself skunked if no Flatcats show,,,:embarassed:, not nearly so skunked if only channels are caught,,Bless their hearts!:roll_eyes:
    If NO catfish are caught,, That's Nasty Skunked,,,, and, I begin to wonder why I fish in the first place,,,What was I thinkin',,, spending all that money on tackle, and time on the water, as a feast for the bugs, and such..:tounge_out::sad2::smile2:
    If a bass shows up on my line at that time,,,, Pity the Fool...:eek:oooh:
    If I can't even catch bait,,,, It's time for serious counseling.,, therapy..Maybe pick up an easy hobby like ,,,, binge drinkin''...or torment myself by walkin around the aquariums in Cabelas....