How many catfishing rods and reels to you own

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  1. flathunter

    flathunter New Member

    How many do you have guys, and list the type and model..Just want to see what others are using.

    I used to have more, but have sold and gave some away over the years, hear is my current stock.


    4- abu garcia 6500 c3's

    2- abu garcia 6500 trophy collection catfish

    2 abu garcia rcn60 records high capacity

    1 abu garcia 6000

    1 abu garcia 6000b

    1-abu 7000 big game

    1- abu garcia 7000c3


    4 american spirt night sticks 12ft

    2 ugly stik big water 12 feet

    2 daiwa beef sticks 10 feet

    5 ugly stick catfish rods 7 feet

    I wont even count my heavy spinning tackle cause I dont use it anymore.

    So lets hear what you guys got, it's winter and I am bored.
  2. Salmonid

    Salmonid New Member

    SW Ohio
    Jack, for my channel setups have
    4 Abu 5000's
    w/ 2 each 6'6 soft action Graphite Gander Mtn rods and 2 Each Berkley rods

    For Flatheads/blues
    3 Abu 6500 Trophy Reels (Blue Cat,channel and Carp models)
    2 Abu 6000
    1 Abu 7000 CXI ( i think??)
    4 Ugly Stick Tiger Rods
    2 Quantum Big Cat rods

    Whatever the case, its never enough.....Plus add that I have only been doing the catfish thing for the last 3 years so in another 10 years, I cant imagine the stockpile of stuff I will have:eek:oooh:


    PS I hope the wife doesnt see his.....

  3. neocats

    neocats New Member

    1- Okuma Avenger ABF-65 /w 7' MH Spinning rod
    1- American Spirit Nitestick 7'6" Pro Casting
    1- Okuma Fin Chaser 9' MH with BX-65 reel
    2- Okuma Fin Chaser 10' MH with BX-65 reel
    1- 7'6" Skipper Custom Rod with Okuma Avenger ABF-65 reel
  4. dinkbuster1

    dinkbuster1 New Member

    3 Abu 6500's mounted on "custom" 10ft berkley reflex rods for flatties from tha bank...
    2 older 5000's mounted on 8'6 +9'6 trolling rods for banking channel cats...
    2 Abu TGC 6000's on 7'9 cattmax rods for flatties from tha boat/tight bank spots...
    2 Abu 5600's on '8 Abu Workhorse trolling rods for channels from tha boat...
    2 Okuma ABF40 baitfeeders mounted on 11'9 Cabelas Predator rods for channel/carp bankfishing in lakes and drifting floats while wading in rivers...
    also have 3 other "steelhead spinning" combos i use for a variety of species, one purpose being slip float fishing for channels from a boat in lakes.
  5. gardengrz

    gardengrz New Member

    2-6500c3 black cats with white 7 ft. ugly stik cat rods. 2- mitchell 306x spinners with white 7 ft. ugly stik cat rods. also a mitchell/ugly stik ultra light that pritty much stays with me too for whatever :big_smile::cool2:
  6. catfishrollo

    catfishrollo New Member

    I used to have close to 20 cat outfits, but have downsized to only what I use on a regular basis now for different situations. Here's what I run....

    1. Abu Garcia 10000 Big Game reel/ 40lb. Berkley Big Game Mono/
    St. Croix Classic Cat Series rod 8' Heavy Power / Mod-Fast Action

    2. Abu Garcia 10000 Big Game reel/ 40lb. Berkley Big Game Mono/
    St. Croix Premier Series rod 6'9" Heavy Power / Fast Action

    3. Abu Garcia 7000 reel/ 30lb. Berkley Big Game Mono/
    St. Croix Premier Series rod 7'6" Heavy Power/ Fast Action

    4. Abu Garcia 6500 reel/ 65lb. Power Pro Braid/
    St. Croix Premier Series rod 6'6" Med/ Heavy Power/ Fast Action

    5.Abu Garcia 6500 reel/ 65lb Power Pro Braid/
    St. Croix Premier Series rod 7' Heavy Power/ Fast Action

    6. Shimano Triton 200G reel/ 40lb. Berkley Big Game Mono/
    St. Croix Premier Series rod 5'8" Extra Heavy Power/ Fast Action

    7. Abu Garcia 6000 reel/ 30lb. Berkley Big Game Mono/
    Berkley E-Cat #4 rod 7'6"

    8. Abu Garcia 6000 reel/ 30lb. Berkley Big Game Mono/
    Bass Pro Series IM 7 rod 7' Extra Heavy Action

    9. Shimano Bait-Runner 4600/ 30lb. Berkley Big Game Mono/
    Eagle Claw Spinning Surf rod 11'

    I have some other spinning outfits for long casting, but they haven't seen much time on the water the past few seasons. As you can tell, I really like the St. Croixs, Garcias, and the Big Game Monos:wink: thats my arsenal...... rollo
  7. john catfish young

    john catfish young New Member

    Lets see here....I have

    Penn 309 / 7' Roddy Gator-tail Rod.
    Penn 9m / 7' Diawa Black-widow
    Penn 6000 spinning reel / 9' Penn Rod
    Okuma ABF90 / 10' Berkley Glow-Stick
    Okuma Bait-caster / 9' Eagle-claw
    Quantum spinning reel / 8' shimano rod
    Shakespeare spinning / 7' Catfish ugly stick:big_smile:
  8. lendog

    lendog New Member

    berks, PA
    1-8ft. south bend competitor H action pole with a cabelas 65 salt striker baitrunner
    1-7ft. cabelas king kat MH action with a shimano 4500 baitrunner
    1-6ft. cabelas king kat M action with a okuma abf 50
    all set-ups loaded with 80# power-pro high vis. braid and 40# big cat leader toped of with a 8/0 gama octopus circle or 7/0 sickle hook
    for x-mas the wife is gettin me another 7ft. king kat mh action with a 4500 shimano combo so i'll have 2 of these combos as my main go-to setups
    i also have a couple spare combo's just for loaners, but these don't have baitrunners
    then i have a 10 ft. penn surf rod with penn reel and 5 or 6 bass rod combos
  9. Joey6500

    Joey6500 New Member

    1.Penn 310 / 40 lb big game
    Quantum BC Heavy

    2.Shimano tr 200 / 40 lb big game
    Quantum BC M/H

    3.Abu 6500 c3 / 30 lb suffix
    Quantum BC M/H

    4.Abu 6500 tc / 30 lb suffix
    Quantum Alliance 7.5 ft M/H

    5.Abu 6000 /25 lb big game
    Shimano Sojourn 7ft M/H

    6.Tica Sportera Baitrunner / 40 lb big game
    shakespeare power rod 8 ft

    7.Penn 209 / 40 lb Cajun adv
    Quantum BC M/H

    and abunch of other random rods and reels.Pheeeeeeeew

    RIVER-RAT New Member

    MO / MT
    All my rod and reels were stolen last April, so I only purchased 3 more for now. They are;

    7'10" Surge Elite Rods with Abu Garcia 7000i's
    The Abu's are spooled with 80lb Hi-Vis Yellow PowerPro

    I also have one other rod, it's a BassPro CatMaxx, 9' casting rod with a Catmaxx spincasting reel, I call it 'ol blacky. It always catches a fish when I take it with me. In fact, If I take somebody new with me, they typically use this pole because it ALWAYS catches fish! Somehow, the thieves missed this pole, even though it was with all the others that were stolen! It has special powers!! :smile2:
  11. russ

    russ New Member

    dexter. mo
    4- penn 220s

    2- penn 320 gti

    4- pfluger g-50

    all these are on catfish safari river rods, i have two more okuma cv30l on catfish safari lake rods. most of them have 65# power pro blue and yellow, some have andes 40# envy green, and of course my wife thinks that they cost about 25 bucks pre uint, cant sneek any thing by her lmao.:tounge_out::wink::smile2:
  12. Snagged2

    Snagged2 New Member

    Verde Valley AZ
    This is fun,,

    (6) Abu Garcias 7000, 30-50# Big Game, and 50-80# Power Pro
    2 on 7' rods, 1 pc Ugly sticks
    1 an 8'6" rod-Whuppin stick 2 pc
    1 6'6" Penn Mariner
    1 7'6" Cabelas IM7
    1 6' Boat Rod Heavy action..
    1 Abu garcia 6500 C3 w/ 30# Quattro Camo mono
    7' MH rod
    2 Daiwa Millionaire 300 20# Big game Mono
    7' Rods 1 pc

    1 Abu Garcia 6000bcx 20# mono Ugly stick

    2 abu gardia Cardinal spinning rods on 7' rods
    a 104 w/ 10# mono
    a 106 w/ 15# Cajum mono

    A bunch of other stuff,
  13. whisker maniac

    whisker maniac New Member

    not enough.. I don't think ya can ever have enough.:eek:oooh::wink:
  14. Arkansascatman777

    Arkansascatman777 New Member

  15. katman#1

    katman#1 New Member

    South Carolina
    my reels
    6 quantum blue runners
    4 abu 6500c3s
    2 quantum bdxl30s
    1 penn 220gto
    2 silstar vertex 80 spinning
    2 tidewaters
    2 shakespeare protouch spinning
    my rods
    18 7ft silstar catmaster
    1 7ft shakespeare tiger
    2 7ft quantum catfish collection
    1 6,6 shakespeare sturdy stick
    2 7ft silstar power pro
    2 7ft berkley big game
    2 7ft eacle claws
    2 7ft zebco selects
    just need some more reels planning on buying alot more quantum blue runners I love theese reels
  16. flatheadhunterx

    flatheadhunterx Active Member

    South Carolina
    I didnt feel like counting different types so I took pictures. the first is what I use catfishing and striper fishing it is around 20 an assortment of garcias all are wide spool with bait clickers. got a few more reels without rods and a few that need repaired. the 2nd pic is what I use catching bait or crappie fishing. and the sad part is I have enough rod holders on my boat to use them all.

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  17. H2O Mellon

    H2O Mellon New Member

    Two Zebco 33's on 6 foot Zebco casting rods, 10# test
    Two Zebco 808 on 7 foot rods for the really big ones. :smile2::wink:
  18. Snagged2

    Snagged2 New Member

    Verde Valley AZ
    OK everyone,,,
    I'm not going to any more meetings,,,,about my addiction to Catfishing tackle,,,,
    I can see,, that I have a long way to go!!!!!!

    My Sweetie asked me,,, What do those guys wives accumulate??? As she has about 200 "pixies"????:eek:oooh:

    I mentioned to her that rods 'n reels are Very Inexpensive, compared to "Normal" stuff....:smile2:
    BTW, I just picked up another 6500 C3 off e-bay tonight:wink:

    Fun thread, interesting to see the everyone's gear...
  19. kyjake

    kyjake New Member

    Too many.About twenty old Penn's from 9's to 500's,about 12 Abu's from 5000's to 9000's and 3 old Mitchel 300's.Rods from 5'-5/8 oz. to 12' 4-6 oz.Mostly fish with Penn 209's and Abu 6000's and 8' rods.Have larger Penn's for saltwater with heavy rods.
  20. crab

    crab New Member

    2- Abu Garcia 6600 C-4 ON 2 Bass Pro Cat-Maxx 9ft rods
    1- Abu Garcia 6000 on a Berkley glow stick 9ft
    1- Abu Garcia 5500 AB on a Daiwa beef stick 8ft
    1- Shakespeare spinning reel on a 9ft night stick
    Now I have a few extra rods
    1- Eagle claw cat claw 10 ft
    1- Berkley big game 7ft
    1- Night stick 10ft
    My wife has 2- zebco 808s on 2 hi-tech 7ft rods