How long to wait?

Discussion in 'Blue Catfishing' started by catman529, Oct 25, 2006.

  1. catman529

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    My plans for this winter are to beat the cold and try blue catting for the first time. I have read a lot about it, including how & where to get skipjack, but I was wondering when I'm looking for a good spot on a run-of-the-river lake it takes trial and error. Sharp channel drop-offs is what everyone says. If the spot I choose is not a good spot, how long do I fish before knowing it is bad and moving?
  2. BigB

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    Van Buren, Arkansas
    i never stay longer than 30 minutes without getting bites. even if i have caught fish there before

  3. chrisblue

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    If your in a boat I would give it no more than 30 minutes.If your on the bank of course it would be alot longer, hour and a half or two maybe longer.Usually if theres aggressive fish in the area they will bite within 15 minutes of everything getting settled down, sometimes alot sooner.If your on a spot that you have a good feeling they will feed soon maybe 30 or more minutes but usually if they hadnt bit before 30 minutes its usually not where you want to be.This is just my opinion and experience.
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    I Have got in a bad habit of wanting to stay in one spot to long Just setting and not moving:crazy:
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    When I fish from the bank I sometimes wait to long to move, also. But when I am in my boat, I move after 30 min. However, if I feel like the fish will feed, say on a log jam, I will wait up to an hour if it is around the start of the feeding time. I feel if you know the areas you fish, the time of day the bite starts, ect. then you improve your chances drastically. For example: I fish a lake that every evening around 5-5:30 the wind will die down and the fish will start to bite. Now I stood in this spot for 2 hours to learn that. But it is aconsistant feeding spot. Find those and the move will be less.
  6. Rookie12

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    Wniter blues tend to stack up in holes in the river channel. I got a couple of places on Tilery where there are some nice holes. Some 30', some 24' and some 40'. It's al relative to the water around it. I got another really good place where the main channel narrows up right at a bend in the river. I usually try to mark some fish though before I anchor up. I usually anchor int he winter rather than drift. Hope this helps! oh yeah, I mainly fish with cut gizzard shad too.
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    30 to 40 min then move
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    When I had a boat I woould run and gun around but not to much. I guess I would sit for about 45-1.5. Bank fishing now I will sit upwards of 6 hours without a bite.