How light is too light..ugly stick tiger mL

Discussion in 'Fishing Rod Review' started by bluebuster, Aug 10, 2006.

  1. bluebuster

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    Hello everyone i'm looking for some advice from anyone who has either had experience with a ugly stick tiger ml action rod (a 9' 2 peice to be specific)or at least seen in a store and felt the action.
    i've read almost all of the info in the forums and there is nothing really in least not when it comes to this particulur action and legnth :crazy:

    my situation is this...i am fishing in an area where i can catch anywhere from 5-40# fish....(more of the former than the later) and i really want a rod that has nice soft tip that the fish won't feel with a really sturdy and quick hook set ....the sturdy hook set seems to be a factor that some ugly sticks are lacking(moooshy)

    which is why i'm hesitant to order anything other than the ugly stick tiger.....
    i thought that the medium light might be too light,, but its rated for up to 30#test which is the same as the mh catfish model...i suppose this is because a the tigers a rated within the saltwater rod family
    now i guess the short version of all of this verbal this
    will a ml action 9' ugly stick tiger have a good hook set, soft tip, be able to handle any fish from 5-40#?????
  2. jason berry

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    I havent seen the rod your using but Im using the bigwater combo uglystick 7" with 50# pro power line and it works great ive pulled in two fish over 40# with them and bunch over 20 and I love the rods. you might be looking for something different but the tips arent to stiff and they work well and not that expensive either and you can get it at walmart.

  3. GaryF

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    O.P., KS
    The longest Tiger I’ve seen is 8ft, but I may have missed one. Keep in mind that my experience with the longer Tigers is limited to handling them in a tackle shop or two. IMO, it would be marginal for a 40lb catfish, but could get the job done. I don’t think the Tiger rod would break, but you might find it bending more than you would like.

    Partly it depends on you, how you set the drag and handle the fish. I caught a ~40lb flat (my biggest) while bait fishing last year. The rod was a $7 2 piece Wally World special that was way over matched, but with some luck and a well set drag, I got him in.

    As far as the tip being fast enough action for smaller fish, I would say yes, definitely. But you also asked about the hook set.. My thinking is that a heavier action rod would tend to give a sturdier hook set.

    Are you set on getting the longer rods? I do have experience with a couple of 7’ Med 2 piece Tigers, and IMO they are perfect for fish from 5-40lbs. The tip is pretty soft on these, even softer than the comparable 1 piece Medium Tigers, which I also own a couple of, lol.
  4. dafin

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    I don't know about the rod you are talking about . I have 3 of the bigwater uglysticks 2 at 9 ft ,1 at 10 ft they handle flats in the mid 50s ok
  5. bluebuster

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    thanks for the replies guys ,,,,i'm afraid i made a mistake on my thread..and being a first time user and new member i'm not sure how to edit it.

    the rod is actually a 7' ugl stik tiger ....

    the nine foot is sort of an alternative...a mh 9' catmaxx

    i'm choosing between the two
  6. MadKater

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    the 7' ugly stick tiger will be great for what your wanting it for but i would suggest a MH rather than a ML,i have one of the M tigers and the tip is a bit soft for setting hooks,great circle hook rod tho. and can be a good rod for standard "J" hooks or kahles or anything that requirs a hook set,you just need to learn to let the rod load up and get that "softness" out of the tip before setting the hook. also have a look at the ugly stick tiger lites. they are HVY action and have a more stout tip than the origanal tigers,perfect for slamming a hook home. good luck with your choice and welcome to the BOC.
  7. matt626

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    Rock Hill, Sout
    I say go with the MH ugly stick
    I've had a ML ugly stick for a day but took it back because the weight of the bait and lead we have to use for catfishing is heavy
    the tip of it would shack back and forth and wouldn't cast far
  8. crome

    crome New Member

    it depends on your way of fishing and what you like,to me the ml is the only way to go in the tiger rods,but i don't like a stiff fishing rod ,the softer tip will cast live bait better,and if the fish is big enough to load the rod it will more than likely set the hook it's self,and the biggest thing to me is i can feel the fish more when the fight is on.i have caught my biggest cat on the white ugly stik striper rod,it'll bend all the way to the fore grip and landed a 58# flat head with it.....thats what i like..good luck,and happy fishing

  9. flathunter

    flathunter New Member

    Personally I would go with a regular ugly stik tiger in medium action, they have a soft tip with plenty of backbone, the 7fter cast a mile.