how important is it to take your kids fishin and teach them what you know

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how important do you think it important to take your kids fishin.

  1. very important wouldn't have it any other way.

  2. kinda I take them some but they can learn mostly by they're self.

  3. not at all they bug me more than they learn.

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  1. upncomincatfishking

    upncomincatfishking New Member

    Cheviot Ohio
    I think its important to take your kids fishing and teach them what I know and learned. to teach them about cpr and about this site. so let me know what you think
  2. Big Vic

    Big Vic New Member

    I also think it is very important to the kids to learn not only about fishing but, that there are things out there that can be fulfilling in life not the drugs, the booze the bad things that the kids see on games and on tv. The great outdoors is a wonderful place to learn,and to preserve for the future. I beleave that the children of today will miss out on a lot of things that I have gotten to do not only now but in my childhood. Some of it is already gone. So next time take the kids with you,they may just remember it for the rest of their lives. I know I have.

  3. opposum

    opposum Active Member

    Taking a kid hunting, fishing, and trapping is the only way to go. Not only taking them but teaching them and showing them the legal/ethical way to take game. Teaching them to respect the natural resources as well as the rights of landowners, other hunters/fisherman, and non hunters as well. If we don't teach them to hunt and fish then who will defend the things we love to do when we get older? Youth is the future the things you and I enjoy. Take a child hunting or they too can enjoy it.
  4. readingcatfisher

    readingcatfisher New Member

    Berks coun
    I'm upset at myself for not starting sooner with the kids and maybe I would have gotten more than one out of three kids to enjoy fishing
  5. rrssmith

    rrssmith New Member

    It's very important to teach your children to fish and love the outdoors,and any other child who might not have someone to teach them.

    MOVINON Member

    Glenwood Iowa
    When my son was younger we fished allot of rock jetties and riprap dams. There'd always be allot of pop and beer cans and bottles littered in the rocks
    and we'd walk along the bank with 2-5 gallon buckets and pick up as many bottles and cans as we could find before we went home. We've been thanked numerous times by game wardens and park employees. I've never seen my son litter at a lake or campground and he gets miffed when he sees others litter.
  7. oklahoma caveman

    oklahoma caveman New Member

    im still young, and still learning, but i have learned almost everything i know the hard way. i have taught several friends how to fish, hunt etc, and i believe that that is what knowledge is meant for. if ppl do not share knowledge then we are doomed to continue repeating the same mistakes over again. imho teaching others, not just children, how to enjoy the outdoors is among the best, and most fulfilling things that you can do.
  8. cathog

    cathog New Member

    Lone Oak Texas
    I think it is extremely important to get the kids involved in anything in the outdoors. It teaches them respect and ethics that they can't get anywhere else. I take kids fishing every chance I get. I love to see a kid catch his or her first or biggest fish. It is the biggest thrill I can have, and the kids never forget it. Maybe my kids will take me when I am too old to drive, cause blind deaf or dumb I will always love to fish.:smile2:
  9. catoon

    catoon Board Clown!

    my son and one of my daughters love to fish with me the rest just go to make it look good they dont really like it lol :smile2::smile2:
  10. Blacky

    Blacky New Member

    Philadelphia, P
    My father taught me to fish thus I will do the same for if/when I have kids.
  11. katkiller77

    katkiller77 New Member

    dayton ohio
    values and ethics as well learning how to survive is good reasons rick
  12. Pip

    Pip New Member

    Getting the youth involved and teaching them the right way is the key to the future of fishing. Keep them off the streets and out of trouble. The smiles and good times will last a lifetime.
  13. katfish ken

    katfish ken New Member

    It cannot be put into words how important it is to teach our youth to hunt and fish. I started teaching my boys at a very early age. the reason I never taught the daughters is I don't have any:wink: I am now looking forward to teaching my Gran daughter and Gran sons to fish this year as they start into their 3rd year of life. Gran son told me the other day that he needed a Sponge-bob fishing pole. I can guess who put those words in his mind.
  14. smoothkip25

    smoothkip25 New Member

    I Think it is very important also! My Dad taught me to fish and it kept me out of trouble, I would rather go fishing then run the neighborhood with my friends! I got my daughter into fishing at an early age and now were having twin boys and I will teach them also! My daughter gets as excited as me about fishing and getting new gear! The second pic is here new rod and reel I got her for Valentines day! A zebco Lady 33!
  15. jasonminitruck

    jasonminitruck Member

    I think it is very important. I don't have kids, but I've got 4 nephews two that are still too small, and two that are older. I take the two older ones as often as possible, and have my 2 year old nephew headed down the right track hes always wanting to take the boat out although hes still to little for me to feel comfortable yet. When he gets a couple years older i think that he will be more into it than the older two. The 4th one is only 2 months old, but I can't wait till hes older so I can get him started as well.
  16. LiquidSteel

    LiquidSteel New Member

    La Vista N
    My dad has always been around, but didnt want to take the time to teach me to fish. My grandpa taught me, and he told me that if I ever have kids, I needed to teach them to fish, and I have. Sometimes my kids whine or roll their eyes when I tell them we are going fishing, but once we get our lines wet, they are more excited than I am. I have also told them to one day teach their kids to fish.
  17. plainsman

    plainsman New Member Supporting Member

    My Grandpa got me and my brothers started when I was about 4-5 years old. My dad took us a few times, and one summer it seems we went everysunday. I sure remember those times. Wish I'd been able to take my kids fishing more often. One time I remember my boys wouldn't touch the worms or fish, but my daughter would, and she caught the fish.
  18. Flatheadhunter33

    Flatheadhunter33 New Member

    Yuma, Arizona
    Teaching kids to fish is probably the most important aspect of the hobby in my opinion. There are just too many good things that come from it. I know for a fact that had my uncle not driven clear across town (Cleveland, Oh) to come and pick me up and take me out of the city to fish at some spots that were out in the "country", I would never have known anything other than hanging out with the knuckleheads. I remember how I would look forward to the open sky and smell out there in comparison to the inner gave me something different that I didnt know even existed! Aside from that he talked to me about things that helped me understand growing into manhood...I try to give the same to my kids. I dont always know what to say on certain subjects but thats when we just sit quiet and somehow just being on the water gives us a closer bond.
  19. Frankie B

    Frankie B Guest

    to me there is no better feeling...than fishing with the kids
  20. papabear108

    papabear108 New Member

    North Carolina
    This is the exact direction I was gonna go. I have a 13 year old step son. He has only been in my life for two years. But he loves to fish and I take him as much as possible. I agree with all of the other posts about respecting our natural resources, respect, discipline, and carrying on the tradition. But I think all that boils down to forming a closer bond with our youth. If imitation is the highest form of flattery, I want my children learning to fish, hunt, and camp. The alternative is on MTV, reality shows, Jerry Springer, and other garbage on T.V. (note: I love some of that garbage, I just don't want my kids acting like that):smile2: