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How I use bluegils for cats

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I have been using live buegils for cats for over 20 years I have caught them all blues, flats and a lot of channels on them. I mainly fish for flats but all the cats like a live bluegil. I see where some one said they use green sunfish, I believe what they are talking about is what we call rockbass here in st louis , I believe the official name is warmouth bass. These are tough little mean guys and work better than a bluegil but they are not as easy to catch. I always use as big as the rockbass are the gils as I can catch. It dosn/t take much of a cat to eat a large bluegil, hand size is great. Where i fish on the mississippi there is a lot of current, so if you hook them in the back they get turned around and it blows out their gils and kills them. I always hook them it the mouth , in the hard cartrage area. Another thing I always do is slit their stomachs to get the blood smell in the water, they will stay alive for a long time like that and you will catch more.
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That's a good point about hooking them through the mouth with heavy current! I never thought about that. I usually fish lakes so I hook them behind their dorsal fin and then I cut half of their back fin off and scale them down one side(or even both sides if you want) This has worked well for me! If I am using goldfish, I stick the hook right through their eyes. They have stayed alive for hours(literally all night!) Good Luck Fishin!! ;)
They are similar but different. We have both of them here and the Warmouth is like a Green sunfish on Steroids...if thats possible :)

The Warmouths are not that common here but the Greenies can be caught about anywhere.

Pic 1 is a Green Sunfish

Pic 2 is a Warmouth

Use either and hold on.......


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Are the green sunfish also referred to as stump knockers? Schoe
And I think warmouth are known around here as Black Perch.

Just to confuse it a little.
ya green sunfish are different than rock bass. that pic of it is the correct shape but when ya catch one they look considerabley darker. they are a deep dark green. the lower fins are lined with a brilliant yellow that flashes great to attract predators. they have blu speckled lines allong the bottoms of gills. we catch a lot of them here in the small creeks and along the rocks at the lake.

rock bass always reminded me of a cracked out crappie. they have redish eyes.
My stepdad used to prefer the green sunfish, I always liked the bluegill myself. Never tried hooking one thru the mouth but will give that a try the next time out and let everyone know the results.

Dang I miss that old man even though he out fished me each and every time. :)
I will try the hook thru the mouth thing. I always liked the doubel hook approach hookem thru the back and then a dangler hook by the tail.
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