How i fish - What should I do to catch large monster catfish?

Discussion in 'Channel Catfish' started by durben, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. durben

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    Well i fish on a bank at glendening , ohio i usually catch small cats and i always use chicken liver, i just dont know exatly where to fish to find the bigger cats.are the bigger cats always in shallow water? and how do i find the bigger cats.
  2. wishiwasfishin

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    you know when i go fishing from the bank after about an hour or so with no action i pack up and move camp also keep your eye out for bait fish because the cats well be near:)

  3. james

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    Well most fish i catch on livers are uselly smaller channels 1-5 pound range but if they are really stacked up in the area ill catch nicer ones. I mainly catch my bigger cats off of cut bait, the fresher the better but usely Im useing shad i caught weeks before and froze. If i can catch them in my cast net id rather have perch they will stay on the hook better and they will stay alive longer if im useing live bait shad always dies pretty quick after you catch them if you dont have a good bait tank.
  4. flathunter

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    Get rid of the chicken livers, buy a castnet and learn to throw it..Then get you some shad and cut them up...Cut bluegill works decent also.
  5. treddinwater

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    Try the bigger baits (cut baits, live bluegills, goldfish, etc.). Also, look around for a different spot, try and find spots with a lot of cover, spots where there's sand bars that drop off into deep water with a nice current going over the top of it. Also look for inside bends on the waterway where current reverses direction and goes in a whirlpool motion.
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    Walter Flack
    The state record flathead came out of Clendening, might want to change tactics and target the flatheads. Use large live baitfish such as bluegills, bullheads,goldfish,creek chubs, suckers or large shiners and shad. If your baitfish die dont throw them away, use them as cut bait and you just might land that channel cat of a lifetime. Other good cut baits are skipjacks and mackeral.
  7. trfoster

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    I agree with flathunter, its best to use bait fish from the waters you are fishing.give'em what they are use to. I like to run a trot line sometimes and i use my castnet to catch baby brim 1to4 inches and a few 5 & 6's also plus shad of the same size.I always come up with cats. the biggest so far was a 17lb blue.when i bank fish i usually just use the heads. I live on the river so where im at theres a channel that runs though so there always a pretty steady current ,morning hours ill fish 20 to 30 feet out from the bank.afternoon til dusk ill fish futher out. at night ill throw 2 or 3 rods out as far as i can and 2 or 3 closer in towards the bank.I have found that here they run the banks mornings and early hours of night after that its deep water in the daytime. The biggest flathead so far off bank was 35lbs on brim head ,have had bigger but line woulnt hold up so if i dont land them then i dont count them.more like i almost got him. well wish you lots of luck!keep trying if you cast it they will come:) :) :)
  8. maddcatter

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    Like everyone said, get rid of the livers. Cut shad (or live if you can get it) has been by far the most productive channel bait I have ever used. At first, you might not catch as many, but your average fish will be larger. Bluegill, minnows, chubs, and oddly enough, shrimp will get you larger fish than livers.

    As a general rule of thumb, Live or dead fish will catch you larger fish.
    Commercial baits and liver are good for numbers.

    This early in the year, shad should be probably the prime bait.
    Every year when the water freezes, many shad die. All spring, the cats will go around and feed on the dead shad.
    So, get some shad and go tear up them channel. You might even have a shot at a flathead.