How hot is it where you work?

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Pennsylvaniacatchaser, Aug 5, 2006.

  1. Pennsylvaniacatchaser

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    Sarver, Pa
    I was just curious how hot it gets where other members work! I work in a paint factory and this past week was just brutal. Temps were as follows: Mon 98*, Tues 99*, Weds 101*, Thurs 99* and Fri 92*. I have to wear a flame retardent uniform, steel toe shoes, hard hat, respirator, apron & gloves. I don't want to sound like a whiner just saying things were pretty tough on the job this week!:sad2:
  2. laidbck111

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    Here at BCBS it's a sweltering 72 degrees with low humidity. I used to work part-time as a iron worker/welder in the shop and onsite and brother it was hot if it was 90 degrees outside you could add 10-25 degrees inside are more if your welding and having to preheat your steel.

  3. Kyle

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    Kansas City - Olathe
    Between 100 - 105 all week, with humidity around 85%. I work in an Armory with no AC, would rather be outside so at least I could catch a breeze every now and then.
  4. flathead willie

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    It's all part of the game for me and has been for years. This week, as always my work and work environment goes to all extremes. While it was 101 degrees the other day I had to work on a roof with no shade to re-attach some flashing that had blown lose in the storm we had a few weeks ago and to re-install some vinyl siding to a chimney (with a yellow jackets nest behind it). After that I went into the basement where it was maybe 65 degrees to install some breakers and replace some wiring.
    The next day I found myself in an attic crawl space doing some wiring when the temp outside was 100 degrees and the temp in the attic was more like 130 degrees with no fans.
    Before I started working for myself I did industrial refridgeration/maintenance in food processing plants. Sometimes in the same hour I would be on a 120 degree roof working on a refer unit and then have to go to the freezer it controled which was usually a -40 degree spiral freezer or a -10 degree storage freezer and work there.
    The hottest I've ever been was on a shakedown cruise in the Navy where I worked in the boiler room with 1200 psi boilers that had just been built and had several leaks and un-insulated steam lines. For those that don't know; a shakedown cruise is a test of a ship where you full speed ahead for 4,6,8,12 hours, then throw it in reverse and go full speed backward for 4-12 hours, etc. to see if the ship is ready for service. Mine wasn't! It reached 207 degrees in the boiler rooms. It was so hot that the 3/8 steel deck plates above the boiler room warped until we had 4" tall "speed bumps" all over the Mess Deck above us. We had to keep our tools in buckets with water flowing thru them or the wrenches would be too hot to hold. When our Chief radioed the bridge and told the Admiral who was riding with us, that it was 207, the Admiral said,"Bullsh$#! I'll be right back there." When he got to the top of the ladder going into the boiler room he just hollared down, "Shut this thing down." We spend the next 12 hours just drifting around the ocean trying to cool everything down and then went back to port with only 1 of 4 boilers running.
  5. KewlBird

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    G.R., Michigan
    it was 103 monday, 102 tuesday, 100 wednesday with about 100% humidity. I work in a chrome plating plant. It's nice to see that others are enjoying the heat as well :big_smile: .
  6. flathunter

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    I work right beside a furnace, it got up to 120 degrees last week, very miserable.
  7. SeedTick

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    Conway Arkansas
    God bless you guys! That has got to be tough. The last 16 years that I worked was at the same place and we had ac. I wish you all did.