How has everyones Spring & Summer went?

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    I was just curious to how everyone in Indiana has done, fishing wise, so far this Spring and Summer. I fish the Ohio River near Charlestown IN. off of a dock b/c i have no boat, and I have had the best year ive ever had catfishing (even though this is jus my 4th year). It has been a breakthrough year for me. I shattered my previous PB catfish 4 times this year (43lb Blue: biggest) and caught more 20+ lbers than my other 3 years combined and times 2. lol. I also discovered fishing below the dams and how fun that can be. I caught 3 Stripers this year all over 8lbs (biggest was 10.5 lbs) and I have had a steady and consistant amount of fresh skippies available for bait, thanxx to the dams. I am ready to hear about how your Spring and Summer of fishing has went so far. Also, I have a video in the 'catfish videos' forum called 'Catfishing the Ohio River (43lb Blue)' if you wanna check it out. It has atleast 70% of the pics and videos in it that I shot from this season. Please Let Me Know How You Guys Have Done!!!! Thanxx and Good Luck!!!!
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    sounds like a good year for you bro.,congrats on the PBs! i have been way too busy to get out as much as normal years. since its been dry i have turned to other fish this summer. only been catfishing a few times. a few 20s to show for it, thats it. on the other hand there are plenty of crapy, gill, n walleye fillets in the freezer for

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    The best I done this year was at a fishing tournament. My job has one every year & after 14 years on the job I finally went for the 1st time. The water at Patoka was up high & I had no boat to use. I fished off the ramp for 1 1/2hrs, then 2hrs off the pier, then 65min in my favorite fishing hole that was completely underwater. I caught 2 keeper catfish & one that was 25" & between 5-6lbs. I came in 1st place because no one else weighted in. Only one croppie, 2-15" bass, & one keeper catfish, again, none weighted in!! Competing with sore losers is NO FUN!!! One truck, one bass boat, a 3rd vehicle in one pile up just because of alcohol!!!! I don't think that I'll go to another!!!!!
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    Wow! I'm impressed. You've done much better
    than me. I've caught a lot of turles for eating
    but I have'nt caught the ammount of cats that
    you have! Good job!!!