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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by slabmaster, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. slabmaster

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    just wondering how fast you drive. up until recently i drove the speed limit in town and was a little lead footed on the high way75-80 round trip to work and back is 300 miles per week. this took exactly 1 full tank of gas per week in my little toyota tacoma. recently i have been watching my driveing habits with slower stop light to stop light accelerations and have slowed my highway cruseing speed to 60 mph. i am now doing my weekly commute on about 9/16ths of a tank of gas. by the way i am the guy you see everyone giving the finger to on I540 in northwest arkansas. i can take a little hand jesture for 22.00 bucks a week.
  2. 223reload

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    I have been saying ever since gas got to 2 bucks we needed the 55 mph speed limit re implemented lol

  3. baitchunker

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    yeah, i have changed up my driving too. i used to run about 65-70 on state hwys. i allways had to pass ppl etc. lately, i am slow to accelerate, and rather than break, i start costing a long ways out. on the hwy, i set the cruise at 59 mph. also, i used to go everywhere with my windows rolled down, dont know why just like it that way. but now i keep them rolled up and the a.c. on low. i also got some new tires-that made a big difference. another thing i have begun doing is coasting down the only 2 big hills that i ever drive over-both bridges. i dont know if it helps but it couldnt hurt. i have also figured out that once i turn into my neighborhood- i can accelerate slowly to about 27 mph and then throw her in neutral for about 1/2 a mile and coast all of the way into my driveway... but, it takes forever.
  4. Catgirl

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    Well, my dad taught me how to drive.....and some of the things you're discussing are points he made when doing so.

    "No reason to act like a horse out of the gate when you get the go. Less wear and tear on the engine and saves gas."

    "If you see a stoplight about to turn red, why continue at your present speed? You're gonna have to stop in a few seconds anyway, so get your foot off the gas pedal."

    Been doin' it this way for a purty good while now. I always listen to my daddy. :wink::smile2:
  5. olefin

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    Tanya, your daddy taught you right but unlike most people they don't listen to daddy. I see people still take off at ever stop light like a bat out of hell and cram the brakes on at the next one. And they still pass me on the interstate when I'm at 70.

    Our vehicles have gas usage computers and they show an increase gas mileage at 55 over the interstate posted speed of 70 to 75. Not as great on our Lincoln for it does pretty good but the Avalanche will pick up around 2.0 MPG.

    Agree with Richard , we need the 55 MPH limit on all roads.
  6. CuzICan

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    Fayetteville, A
    I really watch my speed, as tickets to me, anymore, not to mention gas, are just not worth it....the cheapest one I've seen in the past few years was 85$ in our area...I drive no more than 5 over in rural and in town-- most of the time they will give ya that, and on the interstate, 70 is plenty fast enough for me...

    JERMSQUIRM New Member

    oil went up $11 i hear. looks like well all be doing a lot of coasting in a few years.
  8. kat in the hat

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    I drive the speed limit. I can't afford a ticket, plus, people who don't gel with traffic are dangerous imo.
  9. Mike81

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    I always drive about 55-60 on the highway, have for a long time. My truck gets much better mileage at 55 than 70. I just wave or smile at the yuppies who look at me when they go by at 80 in the fancy sports car :)
  10. Dano

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    I too drive whatever the speed limit is. My truck does just as good at 55 as 70. Got the over drive trans. Its the stop and go that eats my gas. Plus going in and out of traffic trying to get there 10 seconds faster. LOL. I drive normal. I also do the red light thing. If its going to turn red, I dont nail it and try to beat it. Beside, we got cameras at red lights now. You run a yellow light, it will get ya. Ticket in the mail.

    My bat out of hell days are gone, long before gas price went up.

    I haven't had an accident or ticket in I dont know when.
  11. plainsman

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    I usually try to hang with traffic if its heavy, but I'm usually drivin 60-65 now instead of 65-75 on the interstate. I don't try to get anywhere in a hurry, but I still get there. I'm looking at 2000 mile trip in a couple days. I've done it at 55 and 75, the gas cost difference is worth the time. Seems I do a lot of drivin at night on this cruise and there is a lot of traffic out there so I can't use the bright lights. Running into a deer will ruin the trip.
  12. CountryHart

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    I drive like an ole man.:crazy: what am i sayin, i am an ole man.:angry: Seriously, i like to LOOK around when i travel and don't crowd myself on time. I drove a truck for 7 years and don't enjoy the white knuckle effect that runnin in the hammer lane gives me.