How fast to retreive?

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    While I do most of my fishing with live bait under a bobber, I've been experimenting with artificial lures. I've landed a couple of small fish that way using soft baits on a small jig.

    The question is, how fast do you retrieve the baits? You cast your plastic worm (or plastic grubs, or spinner, or spoon, or whatever) and crank it back so it looks like something the fish might want to eat instead of like a lump of plastic or metal either floating or lying on the bottom. That much I get, but how fast? Steady crank or should I change up?

    Really, I'm pretty ignorant about the whole artificial lures things. The thing about live bait which is that using something that fish actually prey on pretty much takes care of making sure that it resembles what fish actually prey on.
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    Nobody can answer you. Every single day is different and it can change though out the day. You just have to experiment and let the fish decide what speed they like. You also have to take into account how fast of gear ratio you have on your reel. If I tell you I'm reeling in as fast as I can and I'm using a 5.2:1 ratio and you own a reel that has a 7.1:1 ratio. I bet it would be just a moderate retrieve for you. :big_smile:

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    I assume your bassin right? heres the deal, u want your bait to mimmick a wounded fish or a fish fleeing. U are right in some instances, switch up your retrieve fast, slow to mimmick fleeing. or use your wrist and pole tip, give it a quick snaplike jerk,{just slightly we're not yanking} every so offen to mimmick a wounded fish{jerk baits} by the way, you wanna choose the correct bait for a particular situation. for instance, if your bank fishing a pond thats 3-5 feet dont use a deep diving crank bait youll stay hung up more than anything. think about the ecosystem, whatkind of prey is available, if fishin a secluded pond with no shad population and ur using a shad mimmick bait, bass may only hit that crawfish or worm bait. also when fishin a bait,the retrieve should be based on what it does alive. for example, fish a worm very slow, maybe a twitch ever so offen. the crawfish flee in pulses. there are so many directions we could gone with your questions, if there is bream there use a spinner bait that looks simillar, black and blue skirt, etc. hope this helps you a bit, if you gotta specific situation in mind I didnt cover give me a holla, we'll get u squared away.