How dry was it?

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    As all you guys know, we've had a ton of rain the last two weeks. I only live about 5 miles from Lake Charles State Park. Last night, I drove by Black River near Black Rock and the river has over flowed in low bank areas. I knew fishing Black River was out of the question for this weekend. Now for those that don't know, Lake Chrales was built to flood a WMA for winter duck hunting. The draw the lake down every fall and then it fills every spring. Well, last winter the draw down combined with the dry conditions caused the lake to go lower than I have ever seen it. This monring, I drove up to see if all this rain had brought the lake up to normal levels. I fully expected it would be a little higher than normal pool. To my surprise, the lake is still about three feet low. I find that very ironic. Black River at flood stage, Lake Charles three feet low. Now from my point of view, that means we were really really dry before these last rains.