How do you use the internet to better your fishing?

Discussion in 'Blue Catfishing' started by tuscan toadfish, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. tuscan toadfish

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    I know; if you are reading this, you are using the internet to better your fishing.
    When deciding when to go fishing or hunting, I use and go to the "hour-by-Hour" tab then the "Details" tab for the windspeed, direction, chance of precipitation, ect. If the wind speed is high, I know the lake will be choppy and hard to anchor up. The wind direction tells me which deer stands will put me downwind. I use Google Earth to get satelite views of lakes and hunting areas. How do you use the internet to better your fishing?

    P.S. I have learned more from this forum than anywhere, and I'm learning more by finding other parts of this forum: Blue Catfishing forum, Flathead forum, North carolina Lakes forum, etc.
  2. MRR

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    Mostly just read what others are doing ,and try to follow in their steps much as possible.If f water is real choppy I won't be out on it anyway. Bank fishing time then ,or smaller river than the ole Mississippi.

  3. wabah58

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    Just a FYI. I use to go to Google earth to find new bank spots to fish on the Mississippi River, around the St.Louis area. The problem was that the satallite shots from Google Earth around here were taken during flood stage. The rock dikes are all under water. I switched to Bing, and their satalite shots are excellent, and show the Mississippi river during normal conditions, and MUCH more clear shots. Use the "Birds Eye" look is great too at Bing.
  4. katmax

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    griffin ga
    just read what people on here talk about and learn from it
  5. steveturner024

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    Steve Turner
    I use the internet to learn more about fishing. I also use it for weather conditions and to find new spots.
  6. holliswood

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    King, NC
    100 percent of my information comes from this site only. Finding and talking to people at a fishing spot normally yields false information, most of the time, in my experience.
  7. festus

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    I used to read several fishing message boards, but not since I learned of BOC and Catfish1. It seems 90% of the Tennessee message boards on other sites are mostly bass fishing, which to me is ok sometimes, but awful boring to talk about. Every now and then I'll get on a crappie or striper message board other than Catfish1, but not very often. Too many smart alecs on some of these other boards. :confused2: And Catfish1 is so big and full of information, I haven't even had a chance to see it all yet. Lots of good people on here who are willing to share. Even the old archives from way back in 2003 are useful.

    Google maps and Google Earth, along with Terrasever are pretty handy, but you can get a good map for fishing on Maptech:,1,1,0&CFID=2509811&CFTOKEN=12509489 Just type in the name of the town nearby and click the name of the state, and then you can navigate and zoom in and zoom out on your fishing waters.

    I use some of Tennessee Valley Authorities dam sites to find out which dam is running, how many generators are running, lake levels, etc. BOC/Catfish1 are the best.
  8. Catfish_Scooter

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    When i'm hunting for new fishing spots i'll use google earth, or just continue my learning here on the BOC to become a better catfishermen.
  9. plainsman

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    I'm in here checkin techniques, bait and equipment, also google tuna, surf fishing etc and read up on it.
  10. kitsinni

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    I also use Advanced Hydrological Prediction Service for predictions on river levels.
  11. katsandsuds

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    North Caro
    I use the internet for everything. and for the weather. A navy site for the moon phase. Iboats for taking care of the boat and engine. Tons of sites for tackle, boat parts, etc. Several sites for fishing and getting into local catfish tournaments. I watch video's to keep me excited when I can't get out on the water.

    I get local info that I can count on, and I mostly trust reports from people I know and when they shows pics of the fish from the trip. I am always skeptical of guys saying they wacked'em, but don't have a pic or two to back it up. I caught a 130lb blue last week, but don't have a pic, do you guys believe me:big_smile:. Mostly, I get new tips and techniques to try. I am always trying new things and work to see what works and what doesn't for me. I don't think you can read post and become a great fisherman. You have to apply it to your water, and you need to pay attention to where the info comes from. For example, if a certain bait is working in July on a river in the mid west for channel cats, doesn't mean it will be the correct choice for my resivoir in December for blues. Try to find details on the location, type of fish, time of year, and the like to make it more useful information. Without the internet, I would not be a decent fisherman. I would still be using chicken livers and catching bullheads like I did as a kid. I would not know what it is like to catch a 40+ lb blue or hear the screaming drag from my brothers rod that one week a year he is in town.

    Mostly, relationships. I have met and gotten to know alot of good people over the last year, and that has been the best part of the internet and my fishing.
  12. motard1

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    I use it for weather. But also water release schedules when bankfishing below a dam. BUt mainly forums.
  13. mintaka

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    Charlotte , N.C
    Becoming a part of the BOC and studying the information proliferated by the good people here.
  14. 223reload

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    About the only way I use it is right here sharing info with other BOC members,Me thinks some of yall are way too serious about this catfishin.:wink::smile2::smile2:
  15. Grimpuppy

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    Concordia, KS
    I use weather website for temp and wind, I use Corps of Engineers website for lake level, discharge,water temp, and wind speed on the lake. I check KDWP website for the fishing report. Always check this site before I head out to see if anyone is catching anything or if anyone wants to meet up. I export my waypoints that mark fish I have caught to Google Earth and play with it looking for patterns when I am bored and can't fish.