How do you store your snelled hooks?

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    I've got some time before I can fully use my right shoulder, shoulder replacement. Won't be going back to work for about 3 weeks. Sooo I thought I might just try snelling a few dozen hooks. As long as it doesn't affect the still healing shoulder it should be OK.
    I used to tie all hooks while in fishing but my eyesight isn't what it used to was.
    So how about it. Got a neat way to store snelled hooks or leaders?
    Also have you got a good place on the boat to store them?
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    I tie a bunch of different hooks up with mono leader material and put them in small ziplock bags 2" by 3" from the arts and craft store. I just store them in the tackle box for quick access. Hope this helps.

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    Aloha! I use those cheap pool noodles (floats) and cut them to the length of my snelled hooks. Make slits lengthwise about 2-3 inches from one end and about 1/2-1 inch apart. Hook the hooks into one end and pull the line into the slit. When all your hooks are in place rubber band over the lines on each end. When you need a hook just pull one out. I also mark the ends of the noodle with a sharpie so I know what size I'm grabbing. With one noodle length I can make 5-7 hook holders. I tried to use baggies before but they always end up rusting somehow, this way I can rinse all the hooks and let them dry without doing anything. Hope this helps.

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    Big Georges way is the ONLY to do it :big_smile: ... After reading his posts etc, I switched over to pretty much the same setup he came up with and have been much much happier ever since...