How do you retain your live bait?

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    I would like to know others folks methods for hanging on to the bait after the cast.

    I saw a method on youtube for baiting live slimy mackerals. Nose hooking a live perch is not my ideal go-to method due to the damage is causes the nasal cavity. My bait has never lived very long, especially in the current, with his nostrils shattered and broken. I adapted the slimy mackeral method to suit my needs. The following picture is how I retain them. The rubber band is just a small 1/2 ponytail band. Very light and thin. The band can be removed by gently pushing down on the band so, the catfish will have problem doing the same. It's not fool proof or infaliable but, it beats the heck out sitting for 30 minutes waiting only to find that the fish ate a bait that wiggled off the hook ;)

    I love this set-up on a weightless carolina in slow curent. The hook pictured is a 7/0 EC circle.

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