How do you keep warm

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    well cold weather is setting in most of the usa just curious how everyone keeps warm while fishing i saw some ice fish huts but i don't know if the have any for bank fishing
  2. laidbck111

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    I like a full nights/days sleep. Eat a good meal. Dress in layers. I also like to take niacin, a vitamin.

  3. vlparrish

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    Bedford, Kentucky
    I wear at least four layers. After mid October I have thermal underwear on at all times. Plus my jeans and outer clothes, then two pair of coveralls, and sometimes a light fleece or cotton jersey. Not to mention a tobogan that will also make a full face mask and a nice pair of gloves. Vern
  4. Guns & Cockpits

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    Keep warm?!? If you ain't freezin', you ain't really fishin'!

    They say you lose something like 70% of your bodies warmth through your head. So obviously it's pretty important to keep your noggin nice and cozy. A nice beanie, or a ski cap works well for me. A jacket is an obvious answer, but gloves are sometimes difficult for me to wear when I'm fishing, so instead, I use a little hand warming box. They sell them all over the place in camping, hunting, and fishing stores. They're little pocket sized boxes that open up. When you open it up, you put a little stick of something (I'm really not sure what it is, but it comes with the whole rig, and you can buy more of them.) inside of it. You light that on fire, basically, it kinda smolders like a cigarette, and then you close the box. The box warms up, you hold it in your hands, and it keeps em from going numb. It's nice because you can control the temp. by taking your hands off of it whenever you feel like it.
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    Victoria, Texas
    That's why I live in south Texas so I don't have to worry about getting cold.

    If it gets colder than my frig. IT'S TOO DANG COLD........
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    as stated you need layers. Keep something on your head (most vulnerable spot). Have dry rags close to keep hand dry. Overalls are good but puts weight on your shoulders and you will feel it after a days work. Thinsulate is something you want in your material. Boats are notorious for getting your feet cold, quick. False floor is essential.

    Wind is the killer in the winter time. I can take 20 degrees all day long but when that winds blowing 20 to 25 it makes it miserable. Always have a spare set of cloths in your vehicle in case you need them. I like to wear one of those things that fits over your head and goes around your neck (polar fleece is a good material for that) its a combination stocking cap and neck wrap. Be sure and layer your socks to. Feet and fingers are the first thing to get cold. And for heavens sake drink the liquour after your done, worst thing to drink out in the

    happy fishing,

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    I fish all winter with Al Linder.Thats right I sit in frount of the boob tube and fish with Al. I had a heart attack a few yeaars back and now I get cold thiinking aboout cold weather. I think its the blood thinners that Im on.smokey
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    Guthrie, Oklaho
    I just shiver faster. Keeps me warm - but it could be better.
  9. griz

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    Murray Ky.
    We set a tarp up for a wind break, build a fire, and cook a hot meal. This along with dressing in layers makes even the coldest nights comfortable.
  10. Mr.T

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    Wool socks, thermal underwear, multiple layers of fleece, insulated coveralls, a good stocking cap and gloves with handwarmers.

    The gloves I use are mittens and the "mitten" part holds a handwarmer packet, plus it can be pulled back to expose your fingers (open-finger gloves essentially inside). They work great until they get wet.

    Someone recommended "Seal Skinz" waterproof gloves in another thread so I bought some recently - and I'm not impressed. They certainly do keep my hands dry as advertised, but they also retain a lot of water in the outer layers, which really makes your hands cold as the water evaporates. I'd prefer a glove that didn't absorb any water at all - maybe neoprene is the answer, I don't know.
  11. savage308

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    Victoria, Texas
    Gun season opens tomorrow for Texas. To stay warm I'm gonna go sit in the deer blind. It's gonna be hot in there... :smile2:
  12. SkiMax

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    Rising Sun, IN
    I wear all my ski gear. It's made to be 10,000 feet up on a mountain, snowing, wind at 60 mph and no trees. Needless to say-incredibly water proof and crazy warm.

    If any of you get cold I would suggest buying some good ski gear. it is much warmer than anything like carharts or any other outwear, it can be a little pricey but well worth it

    Another tip I have found that works real well. Put all your gear on 15 minutes or so before you go outside. Get some body heat inside your layers before going in the cold and it will keep you alot warmer because you'll already have that heat. I never just throw my stuff on and go straight outside-u'll get colder alot quicker
  13. Creteus

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    Loganville, GA
    We don't have a boat so staying warm is very easy for us. Generally we bring in a truck load of firewood and have a fire large enough to see from space:big_smile: . That also may be the reason we don't catch any thing either:0a13:
  14. Scott Daw

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    Allentown, Pennsylvania
    I've never catfished in cold weather before but when I trout fish, I layer well & use hand warmers in my gloves. when I hunt I'll also use a thermacare heat wrap and put it over my kidneys. I borrow my wifes thermacare pads she uses for menstral cramps and stick it to the inside of my shirt so it doesnt slid around like the ones for your back do.
  15. catdaddy64

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    Drink lots of Gin and stay inside where it is warm.
  16. StuBone278

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    south central Louisiana
    I'm going to try wearing laytex gloves underneath normal thinsulate gloves when it gets really cold.
  17. superman

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    DeSoto MO
    i bought two of those little fold up tent looking thing with screen all the way auround ( people use them in summer to keep bugs away while outside ) i modified them two fit in the bottom of the boat and wrapped in heavey plastic then i use two heaters wich hook into a propane tank stays nice and warm until we have to take it down to move
  18. plainsman

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    I wear long johns, lined trousers, and bib overalls. t shirts, long sleeve t -shirts, hooded sweatshirts, stocking caps, and carhart coat, i just keep my hands in my pockets, but when the ice starts forming on my line, i hang it up for the season. I can find something to do on the bank, too cold to go out in a boat.
  19. ozzy

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    Lost Wages
    I like a balaclava, thats the thing that covers yer head, along with a beanie. Full thermals with bdu pants and thermal boots with wool socks. If my feet get cold Im done. Then I have my parka along with hand warmers. Those things are great. :wink:
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    Not to be a smart a#@ but two words"STAY HOME!" Man I hate cold weather and I cant wait till it warms up