How do you fly fish?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing' started by whiskerchaser, Jul 24, 2006.

  1. whiskerchaser

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    New Mexico
    Ok guys how do u fly fish? I have never done it and want to get into it. is it hard? or is it easy?
  2. field989

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    east central indiana
    well its not HARD and its NOT EASY..

    its kinda moderate.... i tought my self how to fly fish..

    but for a beginner i would suggest getting a book..

    i got a book made by L.L. Bean and is written by Dave Whitlock...- it is a very good and informative book

    but i definately would get a book on how to.. it will show u with diagrams and stuff like that...

    well it is kinda hard to tell u but super easy to show u

    i know once u get some line out you bring the pole up quickly to a 3'o clock position and stop then bring it down quickly to a 8-9'o clock position

    see its kinda hard to tell u like this.... and that is the reason i would definately get a book if i was u....

  3. 1sporticus

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    I would never do it, but the wife is real good at it. lmao
  4. buddah

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    Pennsylvania Wi
    There is alot of great info on the net.
    You need a rod. Do you have a rod? I would suggest around 9- 91/2' rod and a decent reel. your line, Around a 6-8 weight forward high floatation line. Tie on a 4-8' leader of around, 2-4 maybe 6 ish #test line and top it off with a peice of yarn to represent a fly and practice casting.
    Learn a few basic casts and your off! It can get a bit pricey though but well worth the effort.
    Forward cast and back cast should probably come first. check out this page for some great tools.

    Excuse the brevity of this post but I didn't wanna overwhelm you with too much. There is much to learn. It's ALOT of fun.
  5. Bobpaul

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    Supply NC
    Get books and videos. Go to any clinic on fly fishing you can.

    If it were real easy, everybody would be doing it:wink:
  6. Georgiajack

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    A # 5 weight forward line works good for me when gathering panfish. You can also get a bunch on a 10-12 ft. bream buster, use a 10lb. test line a foot or two longer than the pole. For this area I like a Accardo bug with a #6 hook in it. Chartruse, or yellow in color. Trim the legs 1/2 inch or so to help keep them from sucking on the legs, and not the body. Just whip it out, and give it a little twitch with the tip every now, and then. Good fishin', Jack.
  7. MsMixalot

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    North Carolina
    I always wanted to know how also. Impressive to teach ones self. Thanks for the post
  8. JHalden

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    Well all that yarn for practicing and stuff like that is great but the best practice is real practice. Just start with panfish and work your way up to bass and trout. Fly fishing is different everywhere you fish. Most places you wont even have to make a full cast. I know a lot of people like to imagine a river runs through it or something but that's why I think most people make fly fishing more complicated than it needs to be. It's actually very simple...

    Fly fishing is frustrating without any pay out, thats why I suggest go panfishing if you want to get comfortable with the basics and still have a fun and rewarding time for your efforts ya know?