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How do you fish for catfish in a lake?

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Hey guys I was needing some help on fishing lakes. All I ever fish are rivers. I am going friday night and needing a little help. The lak has real deep holes, shallow ones, wood structures, and rock bluffs the enter the water. I am going to Greers Ferry. We are going to jug, but I was going to pole fish a little while we wait. I have fresh liver and perch. Thanx for any tips you'll can give.
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If you are lucky enough to have a depth finder, get yourself a good topo-map of the lake you are fishing. Your local Wally World should have these, if not try a bait shop. Look for old river channels, structure of any kind (stump fields brush piles, old roads, ledges, submerged islands etc. Catfish like a deepwater area close to shallow flats that allow for night feeding. Set up on top of an underwater hump. Preferably one that tops out at about 3-5ft and slopes down to 20ft. or better. Don't overlook rip-rap. Long stretches of rip-rap such as found around dams, often hold good numbers of catfish. The main thing is STRUCTURE! Find structure and fish it hard. Let us know how you do. Good Luck!
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