How do you fish a dropping river?

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by justwannano, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. justwannano

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    SE Iowa
    Some of you guys fish whenever you can.
    River rising /river dropping.
    I know how to fish a slow rising river but when its dropping I have a problem deciding just where to fish. Structure still looks good to me but does it look good to a fish??? Do I go back to the holes I fished before the rise hoping they haven't changed?
    The rivers around here have all crested. Now we have a slow drop. I'd like to fish this weekend but generally don't on a dropping river.
    So what do you say guys. Can you help me with what to look for?

    And what about bait? They are probably stuffed with worms n stuff.

    the best to ya
  2. jim

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    Jacksonville NC
    QUICKLY HEHEHEHEHE!!!!!:big_smile::smile2:Sorry couldnt resist

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    East of KC
    I usually find the deepest water I can on a fast drop. On the MO it seems like these quick drops cause them to go and hide and wait it out till it stabilizes a little. On a slow drop I tend to start out deeper than I usually would on sandbars and get a good spread of baits out from as shallow as I can cast to as deep and see what starts getting hit. I don't do all that well on a fall, either, but if it's either sit on the couch or fish the drop, I'm in the boat:wink: Good Luck!

  4. coolarrow2

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    I would have to say the you can still catch some good fish on a falling river but I will agree it can be tough at times. I boated a 38lb Flathead last Friday on a falling river here in Texas on a rod and reel. I also fish the deeper water in the holes but those hole can move up and down the river as it changes during the floods. The river I fish here in Texas has changed a ton this spring and summer! I did live in Iowa for 6 years and what works for me here did up there also. Just had a much shorter season!! LOL
    The fish pull back into the holes when the water falls and will hang tough till it gets stable. I live 80 miles down river from a 80,000 acre lake so we get clear water rises and falls when the rain comes for above the lake. It only gets really muddy when we get the rain here. That is the only time the fishing gets really bad. If we get a big rain and the river comes up 10' to 15' foot in a day or two and them falls back down in a few days. As long as the water is not just mud the fish will bite. The biggest flathead I caught in Iowa in Anamosa in the river the runs through there, It was a 18lb one. I only caught channels in the river that ran through Monticello where I lived bit I did get a 12lb one one night. I never got to fish the Cedar river in Cedar Rapids but I seen a old mans pictures and he caught plenty 40+ flatheads on rod and reel over there. I hope you have some good luck up there. I really miss some of that stuff up there in Iowa. The bowhunting for whitetail was my #1 deal but the fishing was pretty good too!
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    We have a small river here that in late summer I can catch more cats from when it's very low than I can when the water is high.As a mater of fact I do better when the river is nothing but a stream running through the river bed.I fish at night in a hole,chum with rotten shad which will bring every channel there is from down stream.I never use more than 2 rods because it gets kind of busy with just 2 and I can fill up a stringer and have a lot of fun doing it.