How do you drift on a lake?

Discussion in 'Blue Catfishing' started by JBrooks, Oct 23, 2009.

  1. JBrooks

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    Cincinnati, Ohio
    The basics, please. :tounge_out:
  2. JimmyJonny

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    We use 6 rods staggered out from 80 to 250 feet out of the stern. The rigs we us are slinky rigs. Trolling motor up front,and a drift sock out the back if needed. Drift speed is usually .5mph and above.

  3. Iowa_Josh

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    Go out in a boat on a windy day and shut the motor off.
  4. jrgriffhusker

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    Minden, Nebrask
  5. bownero

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    Hastings, Ne.
    The drifting technique I like to use is using 2 or more rods. Depending on the wind, I control the boat with the trolling motor. I like drifting with blood bait, with no or very little weight. 2/0 treble hook and a 3ft. leader of 30lb. test braided Dacron. Letting out 50 to 100yds. of line and letting the blood bait flutter along the bottom and watch the locator. Finding deep holes, I'll let more line out. Pretty effective on the Channels and I've caught some Wipers and Northern Pike doing this too. Biggest Channel this year was a 25# hawg Channel caught by my friend. Boated many Channels in the 3-15# class.
  6. playin4funami

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    I do things a little different than the other guys,position myself upwind of a river channel running through the lake,kill the motor and rig up two or three poles(depends on where I'm at and whats allowed) with a three way rig with a bank sinker on a 18" leash and a good hook on a 2 foot leader,bait up with a good bait(shrimp works well for me) and drop them over the side that the wind is blowing against till your mainline is at about a 45 degree angle out of the boat and lock the reel, adjust the drag,and wait for a rod to double over and scream. if the water gets deeper let out more line,shallower take some in. The big bank sinker rings off underwater rocks like a dinner bell for the fish and stirs the lake setiment up attracting fish,they find the big shrimp and pound it,the 45 degree line angle gives you a perfect hook up done by the fish every time with a standard J-hook,right in the corner of the mouth on the topside. when you run out of lake to drift,reel up and motor back upwind and do it again.
  7. keepitsimple

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    On the lake, I cruise upwind and figure where I want to drift thru. If the wind is blowing good I throw out my drift sock (65") that puts the brakes on. I just loop the sock rope over the center rod holder so I can drift sideways. 6 - 8 rods is pretty much max on my boat, 2-4 carolina rigs with a 2 1/2 inch cigar float peg about 3" from the hook and 1/2- 1 oz egg sinker, to much weight is really not needed, it will go down. Then I drop 2 downlines with heavier weight so it stays straight down on the opposite side of the boat. Then 2 cork rods set at different depths for suspended fish. You hook a good blue you'll know why not to load up with too many rods.
  8. ccat

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    I think my method is like most of the earlier posts, but I just stick to drifting as I would do on the river. If I am going to drift a flat, I try to find one with the most cover (you may get hung up a lot). If I am drifting deep water, I locate the channel that is running the same direction as the wind. I also want to locate fish relating to the depth I am going to drift. I try to drift the same depth bottom as long as I can, to not have to keep changing length of line I have out. I rig 2 rods as I would for river drifting with the sinker on bottom.
    I also set a third rod out straight down in a suspended depth where I have seen suspended fish or shad. I don't catch many with this method, but did have a nice blue last week on Grand Lake on the suspended rod.
    I use Team Catfish 80# Tug-o-War Braid with 20 or 30# red cajun mono leader, and of course, Team Cat double action circle hooks.
    good luck
  9. cathog

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    Jim pretty much nailed the way I drift a lake. We use a Santee rig with slinky weights and a 2 1/2" cigar float about 5 " above the hook. I will run up to 6 rods out of my 16' boat and stagger them from 50 to 150 yards out the back. I like the lines way behind the boat, like the old saying goes "the longer the strang the bigger the thang":smile2:
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    Bownero- From the sound of your post you must have been taught to fish blood by one of the best bloodbait fishermen I know. Tom Lawrence has moved from Papillion to Warsaw, MO. He has taught me well and we keep in touch frequently, but he has switched to catching crappie and is doing well at it.