How do you Compare baits

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    Given that catfish will at some time eat nearly anything how do you compare baits. I have been making a punch bait for going on four years now. The recipe was given to me by a friend. I have posted here in the past, and given it to others. I also try other baits that I run across.

    For the sake of discussion here lets consider Danny King's. There are three versions avaliable here locally. They are Original, Blood and Garlic. I think Danny King's are the best baits avaliable commercially. I can not discerne any substancial difference between the three. How do you compare baits. On one of my not so good fishing days I stoped to visit with a local fishing guide who was rolling things up after fishing near me. He had a large group and they had limited out using Cheap turkey weiners soaked in vanilla. That day this was an outstanding bait. I have tried it a few times and it works a little but it is not the stellar performer it was that day. One of the threads concerning testing bait on a trot line in Florida found sharp cheddar cheese the best in the summer but not so good in the winter. I have tested some baits on jug lines where we had out enough to be be stastically valid. The conditions here were the same but the answers might be somewhat different at another time as indicated by the Florida test. I have a friend that fishes a lot and only uses Lewis king's bait with a little cheese added. He likes the blood version better than the plain one.

    How do you Compare baits?

    BIG GEORGE New Member

    All I can say is when ever I hit the water in my quest for channels. There is always at least 4 different baits on board. Along with what I take I always have a small spinnin outfit in the water to get a couple perch and eels. Its crazy but over the years I have found that what works on monday won't work on tuesday. LOL!

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    on the danny king part me and my buddy went saturday,i was using blood,caught six channel,he was using original caught 7 channel,couldn't tell much difference.i prefer to use sonny's but its not sold locally around here, good luck
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    "what works on Monday won't work on Tuesday." This is so true. Once my wife and I were fishing and we had chicken liver, cut shad, stink bait, and shrimp. We caught 17 cats that day and 16 were caught on stink bait. Other times I have caught on cut bait and they wouldn't touch stink bait. If anyone ever figures out why, they can make a lot of money. I agree that you should always have several different kinds of bait on board because: "what works on Monday won't work on Tuesday".
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    I agree with that.One night me and a buddy were at a pond using a powerbait for channels.We tore them up and had to go to wal-mart in the middle of the night and buy more.We ended up catching 30-40 some eater channels on the stuff.To this day,I've never gotten another nibble on the stuff.Go figure!
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    I too agree with George. I always take a number of different baits with me and use them at one time. I always have chicken livers, stink bait, worms, and either cut bait or live bream.
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    I have to say I agree with everyone of you. Sometimes cats are pretty finicky eaters, (ha ha) and other times they'll eat any and everything you can throw at them. I think taking along a few baits all the time is the way to go. If you are low on cash or space and absolutely have to choose one bait, I would choose big ole nightcrawlers. If the cats aren't hitting them, the bream and sunfish that you catch with them will more than likely get some cats to bite. SOMETHING will always hit a crawler. Just my .02:big_smile: